Disney has recently released a two-minute supercut of what it calls the ‘best’ references The Simpsons have ever made about Disney. In a move that is no doubt meant to lure in new subscribers the house of mouse is embracing the ribbing that The Simpsons have dished out over the years.

Taking some bits from newer and older seasons alike, the clip shows scenes reenacting stuff like the canine pasta make-out from Lady And The Tramp, Mary Poppins choking on smokestack fumes and getting her umbrella caught on a telephone wire as she floats into Springfield, Bart and Lisa touring Duff Brewery’s take on the “It’s A Small World” ride, a Frozen-themed couch gag, Homer singing under the sea and a lot more. The clip even includes, and this was surely no accident, the time The Simpsons displayed a 20th Century Fox sign with ‘a Division of Walt Disney Co.’ underneath. One of the many eerie instances where the show predicted the future.

The keyword here though is ‘best’. Not every reference makes the cut and I think that would have made for an excellent video. For example, the House of Mouse omitted a scene from season 4’s ‘Lisa the Beauty Queen‘ where Principal Skinner assaults a team of Disney lawyers who threaten a copyright-infringement lawsuit over a banner at the school’s carnival proclaiming it ‘The Happiest Place on Earth.’ This one I can kind of see not making the cut because it’s not actually referencing any Disney movie but it was quite funny.

The other more glaring omission, in my opinion, is from season 7’s ‘Summer of 4 ft 2‘ when The Simpsons go on vacation and Lisa reinvents herself. She walks past a library and sees literary images enticing her to come in. This leads to Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) telling Lisa to run as The Mad Hatter has her at gunpoint.

Nevertheless, its a solid supercut and one that’s there to remind everyone just how much content Disney has. With the show on for at least one more season, we can probably expect more supercuts like this in the future.

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