Before I get started with the review, it was announced earlier this week that Krypton was canceled by the SyFy network due to high production costs and low ratings. Not all hope should be lost however, show-runner Cam Welsh is shopping the show to other networks hoping for a 3rd season. With DC’s streaming service DC Universe or WarnerMedia’s new service entitled HBO Max, there is a chance that the show could be picked up for another season. If you would like to see the show get picked up for another season, please use the trending hashtag #SaveKrypton to support the show. If this is the end I would like to thank the cast and creators for making such an ambitious and entertaining show and creating a beautiful world in Krypton.

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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×10 of Krypton, “The Alpha and the Omega.”***

Return of the Resistance

Jayna and Dev have to assume that they are the last of the remaining resistance and that if its true, then the only thing they have is each other. They plan to take Dru down as soon as possible before they kiss each other. Lyta awkwardly walks in to ask what she’s missed. Lyta’s plan is to attack them head on because they won’t expect it and to lure him out with Val’s incoming army that just landed back on Krypton.

Meanwhile, Dru-Zod holds the Sagitari traitor in his midst asking him where the resistance is located. After the man finally leaks the location, Dru slices the mans throat and sends his remaining Sagitari to the location, New Lervin.

Once the rest of the resistance make it back to their hideout they hold a eulogy for Kem and Seg talks about his scary meeting with Doomsday. Despite not having working legs, Adam doesn’t want to be put on the bench and now calls Krypton his home. Val vows to find the right spot to put him in while Adam talks about growing up on Earth without a mother. As the resistance gets their army prepared for the final fight, it’s actually too late, Dru’s Sagitari are already there.

Seg believes that by sending all his troops here he’s isolated himself enough for him to get to him at Fort Rozz. Once there he draws out Dru by telling the civilians of the re-conditioning chambers that brainwash people into following him. Dru-Zods over-confidence then bites him in the butt as Lyta shows herself to the people telling them of her clone and re-conditioning. Dru wants these people arrested but his guards no longer listen to him and his Sagitari quit. Seg prepares to take Dru on in one last bare knuckle brawl.


The Mother of all betrayals. (Courtesy of SyFy)

Dru guages Seg’s eyes telling him that he’s no Superman before Seg fights back. Once again, however, Dru gets the upper hand but this time Lyta joins in. Lyta knocks Dru down and claims not to be his mother. Lyta also tells him to “Kneel before Kandor.” Seg finally takes down Dru and pummels him into the ground before choking him. Seg comes this close to killing him before Lyta restrains him. Dru’s guard calls in the order for the Sagitari to lie down. The war is over. Seg knows he can’t keep Dru alive but he does the next best thing, he keeps him under the black mercy.

The Search for Jor-El

Adam who got his legs crushed at the end of the last episode, is explaining to Nyssa his Zeta-Beam, explaining that it’s default location is on Rann because the creator of the device is there, and that it was not originally meant for time travel, he was the one that slipped it into the settings. Nyssa grabs the device and transports her-self to Rann to look for the creator so she can find her son.

“This here is my Zeta-Beam.” KRYPTON — “The Alpha and the Omega” Episode 210 — Pictured: Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/SYFY)

Once she gets to Rann she finds a dying man who’s skin is burning off and all he does is point to the sky. Nyssa is unsure if she is actually on Rann but also glad that the device didn’t kill her. While walking amongst the shore of Rann she comes across an Omega Symbol (Presumably from Darkseid) and when she looks into the sky she see’s Parademons.


While celebrating the victory, Val is drunk and Adam get’s a jetpack that he is so happy about. Lobo though crashes the party. Lobo wants Seg’s help finding Braniac but Seg only will help answer his questions only if they make a deal. Lobo agrees to get Jor-El from Braniac. Speaking of Braniac, in the last scene of the season, Braniac speaks to baby Jor-El telling him he will be a god, before they set a course for Earth.


Krypton’s presumable series finale was solid yet unspectacular in the way it wrapped up the season’s 10 episode arc. I say unspectacular only because there was never really doubt throughout the episode that the resistance wouldn’t prevail. After the destruction of Wegthor at the end of the last episode, the resistance was completely depleted, the only way they could win is if someone got over-confident and spread himself too thin which is exactly what Dru-Zod did.

The episode did have some shocking moments though such as Jayna and Dev’s kiss and the reveal of the parademon’s while also giving us some fan service in the form of Lobo and a maybe not so dead Doomsday. The preview of the 3rd season would have dealt with the fall-out of Jor-El being raised on Earth being mentored by Braniac which as far as I know has never been canon in DC Comics. However, Krypton has balanced the line perfectly with how they have handled canon/non-canon on the show throughout. It would have definitely been interesting to see how they would have handled the story with Jor-El and the reveal of the Omega Men or Darkseid or whoever the hell put that Omega symbol on Rann. Hopefully one day we will be able to find out.