On the previous episode of Riverdale, the serpents made a triumphant bust in the abandoned apartment building full of gargoyles, but the one suspect needed to end it all got away. After he ran, Jughead orders a serpent member to follow him, but unfortunately, the cook got the best of him and killed Baby teeth gargoyle style. It was a hard death for the serpents to accept, but they will avenge him. In this episode, we found out who the cook is and the second acknowledgment of the new G&G player, Jelly bean. We also saw Betty send a new spy to the farm and Archie’s rematch with a prized fighter.

 How Is This Possible


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Just like all of us, Betty was curious as to how Edgar is able to bring back Jason so she sent Toni to pull her out of this reality Edgar created that doesn’t exist. Eventually, Cheryl told Toni that she would have to choose between her or the farm, so Toni had to join. It was really weird watching them prance the halls wearing all white. Alice is also brainwashed to believe that her son Charles is alive somehow. Betty intended to make the two believe that these deaths are just deaths by providing proof, but all it did was sting a sore wound. Betty even kidnapped her mother and held her in the bunker until she came to a realization that the farm is just a bunch of bs, but it never happened.

Further, into her investigation, she listened to tapes of her mother talking to Edgar Evernever which revealed that Alice is scared of her own daughter. She even went as far to say that she sees the same darkness in her that was in her father. This made me believe that it’s less brainwashing than I thought, Alice really wants to forget her past and be away from Betty. My favorite part of this episode had to be when Betty held Evelyn against the locker and threatened her. She deserved it, but not the threat to be killed, after all, Evelyn is only doing what she was raised to do. It’s not her fault that shes an emotional thriving preying leach it’s Edgars.

Archie’s Gym 

I definitely predicted this! Veronica abandoned Reggie again after realizing that she messed up when she left Archie for her father. Now, she has slithered her way back into Archie’s arm knowing darn well that he and Josie are now dating. She also had the audacity to help or more so take over his gym’s business decision. This is how I know Veronica is a control freak. Her father gave the Gym to Archie, but since it was her father’s Gym she feels like she knows best for his business. Honey…….. you’re in debt. Not only is she a control freak she uses Reggie and Archie to hibernate in when she’s having daddy issues. I really don’t want Veronica in the picture at this point, but here she is again.

 Fizzle Rock Freakout

Thanks to Jughead cleaning up the streets from fizzle rock makers, it’s safe to say that Riverdale is drug-free right? Absolutely not, in fact, the people who have been taking fizzle rocks are now going through a dangerous trip that causes them to be harmful to themselves and others. The foaming of the mouth is very similar to the foaming that occurred in the G&G murder crime scenes. Luckily, F.P asked for Jughead’s help on this case and they were able to find the chef of these fizzle rocks. I suspect that the rocks have been laced with something else to create a higher experience, but the cook says that the occurrence is to ascend. He also brought up Jellybean who is now a G&G player. What makes this situation even worse is the fact that Glady’s caused this. Had she not come to Riverdale, had she not took over the business, and had she not opened two drug labs, her daughter wouldn’t be in danger

Rating: 4/5

I rated this episode 4/5 because I really enjoyed watching Betty slam Evelyn, Jughead along F.P, and Choni of course! However, the episode would’ve been better if it had shown a closer insight into the friendship between Jelly Bean and Ricky. I also believe that they should’ve shown how Cheryl and Alice are able to see their dead relatives. I do believe that those things aren’t shown now because it will lead to a bigger plot, but I can’t wait! I want to know now!

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