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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×8 of Krypton, “Mercy.”***

The Dream

In a parallel future, Seg-El and Lyta Zod decide to get hitched and runaway to Kryptonopolis. Seg was able to charm over the Primus Zod for some jewelry her mother wore during her binding and gave it to Lyta before the ceremony. Lyta gets a moment with her mother Jayna before they bind and Lyta apologizes for what she did as the dream fades in and out. During the binding Lyta & Seg look into their future where they see that Dru-Zod (their son) will grow up to conquer 467 planets and eradicate 2 billion alien life forms. Everyone but Lyta is ecstatic over the news and Lyta starts to see that this whole “dream” isn’t real. Dev’s arm is missing, Nyssa wishes that her father killed her, and Seg & her mother both call her out for betraying them. Right before confirming their vows, Lyta finally realizes that Seg is dead and accepts all the bad things she did, and awakes from her fantasy.

Nyssa and Seg (Jayna and Dev)

Seg is on a mission to find Jor-El amongst the cosmos but after searching for days, he still has come up empty. Nyssa remembers that in the Phantom Zone Val saw Braniac’s potential futures, but Wegthor is offline and they can’t reach him now. Dev-Em and Jayna-Zod make there way to the Fortress. The four of them come up with a plan to destroy Zod’s fleet and with Jayna & Dev being former Sagitari they know how to infiltrate Zod’s Fort Rozz. After making it into Fort Rozz, they accidentally alert some Sagitari and Seg surrenders while Nyssa joins, so Jayna and Dev can continue on with the plan.


Seg-El and Nyssa-Vex stand before Zod (Courtesy of Syfy)

General Dru-Zod & Doomsday

Scientist Lis-Ser asks General Dru-Zod, what it means now that Braniac’s ship just disappeared over Kandor. Dru puts this back on her saying that this is why they have Doomsday and that he needs more results from her so he can mind-control the monster. No substance on Krypton has been able to penetrate the mind of the beast but Zod does have something foreign that could work, a parasite called Black Mercy. The Black Mercy is currently keeping the real Lyta Zod alive, while her clone was just the one that was killed by Jax-Ur. We find out that Lyta has been in this state for months and Dru-Zod felt angry after the somatically induced clone was killed.

The only way to break free of this Black Mercy is for the person who is under it’s control to deny the fantasy. Lis-Ser gives the Black Mercy to Doomsday who’s brain begins to stabilize. Dru learns that his Sagitari have Nyssa-Vex and Seg-El who broke in, as he leaves to apprehend them as they are being taken to his chamber, Lyta Zod finally breaks free from the Black Mercy.

The Return of the Prime Lyta Zod

After breaking free from the Black Mercy, Lyta takes down a Sagitari, showing that she hasn’t lost her killer instinct. In Zod’s chamber, an angry Zod questions Seg on Val-El’s morality while filling them in on the bombing of the space elevator. Zod sentences Nyssa for somatic re-conditioning.

While sneaking around Fort Rozz, Dev and Jayna are surrounded by Sagitari but it’s Lyta Zod who comes to the rescue, killing the Sagitari, re-uniting with her mother. Lyta takes them to a safe quarter while Dev asks who she is. Lyta explains that it was her clone that died and she was trapped in a fantasy. When siding with Seg (right after the season 1 finale) we found out why Dru choked his mother out killing her in the first place.

While in their chamber, Seg vows to Nyssa he will do anything for her and will find Jor-El. Dev comes to their rescue and frees them from their cell while Jayna sabotages the fleet. Dev takes them to the rendezvous point and heres where the awkwardness begins. Lyta walks in and Seg light’s up, while kissing the woman he loves, telling her he will never let her go again, while Nyssa devilishly watches from the sideline.


Here I thought Lyta Zod was gone for good, not that anyone is truly gone forever in a comic book show, but Krypton handled her return with style and grace. While devoting mostly the whole episode to her return, once again the show did the right thing, like last week giving the episode to Doomsday’s origin.

“Mercy,” worked because it was a very tight episode and there was no filler. From the dream, to Doomsday, to the break-in, to Lyta being freed, to Seg telling Nyssa he’ll do anything for only for Lyta to be alive and Seg instantly come back to her, it was expertly done. The awkwardness is only the beginning. It’s Nyssa who I fear for the most, while she routinely walks the line from hero to villain, I wonder how she’s going to react to Lyta being back and with her baby also missing, I assume that Nyssa is one angry woman right now and she’ll do anything to get baby Jor-El back.

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