Cobra Kai 1×02: “Strike First” Recap

Johnny begins to teach Miguel the way of Cobra Kai, it becomes clear that Miguel hadn’t expected to take it so seriously. Johnny attacks Miguel unexpectedly to show the first lesson of Cobra Kai: Strike first. When Miguel uses his inhaler to catch his breath, Johnny throws the inhaler against the wall, saying weakness does not exist inside this dojo. He also tells Miguel that these lessons aren’t just for Cobra Kai. They’re for everything in life. A health department employee comes into the dojo with a list of requirements before one can open an exercise studio. He notes that this place is going to need a lot of work before he can get the certificate to get the insurance he needs to open.

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At the country club, Daniel’s son only wants to play a game on his tablet. Daniel doesn’t understand his son’s priorities, since he would have loved to come to a place like this when he was younger. He’s also annoyed that his daughter is hanging out with her new friends instead of coming to this party. Also on his list of annoyances, he saw Cobra Kai reopened in a local strip mall.

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Johnny has Miguel clean mats, and even fix some exposed wire, but unlike Mr. Miyagi, Johnny doesn’t have hidden karate techniques in the chores. Miguel’s mom calls, and Miguel lies, telling her that debate is running late. His mom doesn’t approve of violence. Johnny calls Miguel’s ringtone lame, and says he should change it to Guns N Roses, but Miguel doesn’t know what that is.

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Daniel and his wife, Amanda, return home to see that their daughter, Sam, is throwing a pool party for a large group of friends. It’s clear that Yasmine had convinced Sam to throw the party. Daniel sends everyone home, and Amanda tells her husband that there is nothing wrong with Sam wanting to be popular. Daniel’s just worried that his daughter will turn into a privileged Encino brat. He pictures when Sam was young and he taught her karate.

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Sam is video chatting with her friends Yasmine and Moon. Yasmine says that her dad felt bad that she ‘hit a deer’ and messed up her car, so he’s buying her a new one. Sam says that she still feels guilty about them rear-ending that guy and driving away. Yasmine thinks the man was on meth and stopping would be a danger to themselves. Daniel comes in to apologize to Sam, but Sam apologizes first for not asking permission. Daniel asks if there’s anyone in her friend group he should ‘worry about,’ and Sam tells him that she’s been texting this guy, Kyler. Daniel suggests that she invite him over for dinner.

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Miguel walks into the cafeteria and approaches a mostly empty table. He asks the two boys if he can sit there. One of them responds that the table is very full, and he’ll put Miguel on the waitlist. Miguel doesn’t know how to respond, so he goes to walk away. The boy tells him to sit, and introduces himself as Demetri, and his friend as Eli. Miguel asks about Sam and her friends. Demetri says that they’re the popular group, and to forget about it. Eli notices Yasmine looking over at them, and he says she’s probably making fun of them. Miguel doubts that, but viewers get to see Yasmine’s side, and she is. She also insults Sam’s old friend, Aisha. Miguel starts walking to introduce himself to Sam, but Kyler and another guy strike first.

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Johnny shows Miguel how to ‘strike first.’ He says to punch like the guy Miguel really wants to hit is standing behind the guy he’s punching. Miguel pictures Kyler when he starts punching the dummy.

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Johnny gets a call from his kid’s school. The principal says that Rodney was found with molly, the illegal drug, not a girl. Johnny thinks drugs is a dumb move for Rodney. Rodney gets on the phone and calls his dad a pathetic loser.

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Daniel picked up fresh fish and made “the famous LaRusso ponzu toro.” Kyler declines this dish, saying sushi and fish gross him out. Amanda does damage control by checking the kitchen with Sam for something Kyler might want to eat. Once the boys are alone, Daniel makes many attempts at conversation. Lastly, he asks Kyler where he got his ‘shiner.’ Kyler says it was a wrestling mishap. Daniel assures Kyler that he was in his share of fights in high school. Kyler admits there was a fight, but it was a ‘homeless looking’ karate guy at the store.

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Daniel goes to Cobra Kai to confront Johnny. When he tells Johnny that he shouldn’t be getting in fights with his daughter’s friends, Johnny says that those kids were wailing on Miguel, half their size. Miguel walks out, calling Johnny ‘sensei’ and Daniel urges Miguel to not listen to anything Johnny says.

Image Source: Cobra Kai on YouTube Red

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