With the season premiere of The Flash last week being about 50/50 on my rating, (Which you can read more about in the hyperlink provided), it’s obvious I was skeptical, yet slightly interested going into this week’s episode. With all the unanswered questions, all the characters fates that still hang in the air, I was curious to see what direction they would be taking this season in, and I’ve got to say, this week didn’t disappoint.

Last season I had a problem with how the Gypsy character was presented, but in this episode how she wanted to celebrate one-one-one day with Cisco, I actually thought it was really cute and added validity to their kind of out of nowhere relationship. It seemed like a classic problem any couple would have; one person missing an important date for the other, but with the nice added spin that Gypsy is from a whole different planet so it Cisco really wasn’t being a silly forgetful boyfriend, he honestly didn’t know the holiday existed! I liked how they classic route of the girl saying “it’s the anniversary of the first day we said hello to each other!” and having the girl get irrationally mad over a small thing. I’ve always hated this because, well, I’m a girl and to be quite honest I really couldn’t care less about stuff like that! And the idea that all of us girls are like that is quite preposterous, so I liked how this didn’t have that same tone.

I’ve also, in the past, been not a fan of Iris. Which I don’t think this episode entirely solved my problems with her, and her and Barry’s relationship. Like the whole “We’re Barry and Iris!” thing, like, what do you mean, somewhat incestuous? Like you have problems too! All relationships do, even life long ones! But I do like how they went to couple’s counseling. I feel like there’s a bad stigma around therapy and getting help, but the thing is therapy is good for everyone even if you think it’s really not something you need it’s just a good chance to sit down and talk about how your day/week/month has been going and whats been on your mind. So I’m glad they brought that up, also it became a cute running gag throughout the episode.

They still have yet to address Kaitlyn and what her deal is, how did she get back? What happened that she ended up working at a dive bar for at least 6 months? This girl has a degrees up the wazoo so did she choose to work there or was it more so that she couldn’t find work elsewhere? If it was by choice, why that specific place? And how did everyone end up forgiving her so easily?

I also was really disappointed that Tom Felton wasn’t back too (I was kinda holding out hope he would become a series regular!) I want to see how they’re going to resolve his and Kaitlyn’s ongoing flirt-ationship. I really thought they would have made a cute couple but then of course they had to make Kaitlyn go all Killer Frost, making me roll my eyes so hard they’re still stuck in the back of my head. I’m hoping he comes back for a guest appearance!
Overall, this episode really restored my faith in The Flash as a series and Barry Allen as a character. There are still a lot of unanswered questions but I think the show is making a comeback, having a renaissance, a rebirth, I guess you could say my love of The Flash is… reborn. (ba dum tss!) If your looking for more bad puns and even worse lead-ins you can read more of my articles here and here and if you want to see more of The Flash check it out Tuesdays at 8/7 CT on the CW.