If you missed last week’s review you can find it here.

We open to Gabe counting down to the decathalon. The kids are nervous about preforming at it. Lorenzo keeps freaking out about everything. Gabe keeps showing them that they are smart and can do this.

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In the teacher’s lounge Mr. Hayward is trying to get teachers to get on board for a strike. Abby is cheerfully clueless even though she is so smart. Tony and Abby don’t want to strike. Gabe doesn’t to hurt the kids but he wants coffee at school. He tells Mr. Hayward as long as there is no actual strike he is OK with it.

Mr. Hayward comes into Gabe’s class to announce the strike is happening. His class feels like he just ran out on him. Principal Madison is scrambling to find subs for all the teachers. Mr. Hernandez says he will take Gabe’s class. Paula thinks that is a great idea. Tony is worried about money.

Source Product Placement Blog

Carlos tries to teach Gabe class and gets the students to the point of riot. Principal Madison takes over. Gabe tries to pass on some knowledge and Mr. Hayward catches him. Gabe and Mr Hayward come to an understanding so each of them gets what they want.

What is the understanding they come to? Does the strike get resolved? I wish I had a teacher like Gabe, What about you? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…