Finally, the best time of the year has arrived, fall TV! The Scarlett Speedster has returned to the CW! I’m still on the edge of my seat wondering what season 4 will bring. What about Iris? Will I have to sit through another speedster? Will the Gypsy and Cisco thing ever be resolved? How about Caitlin? UGH! So many questions so little time.

One thing about I didn’t like about season 3 is how Barry lost his happy demeanor. The reason being was that he was sad about his parents death and Iris’s impending doom, but the thing is his parents dying happened a long time ago and him creating the separate Flashpoint timeline created a ton of other issues, and if Barry didn’t have his powers he wouldn’t have been able to do that, also if any season would make sense for Barry to be depressed about that I would imagine it would be season 2 when his biological fathers death happened. But all of season 3 he just wasn’t the character we all fell in love with in the first place.


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Another thing, it’s of course very sad Barry’s dad got locked up for a crime he didn’t commit but Joe is the one who raised him, which if you read my last Flash post I think is pretty weird that Barry and Iris are a couple when to me it seems almost like incest? Like Joe adopted Barry so why are him and Iris together? To me it seems weird.

My other problem with the past season with The Flash is that there’s so many speedsters! All the speedsters! So much speedsters! UGH! I really want there to be a more vast variety of villains. I also didn’t like how much the “speed force” came into play, the first time it was cool but by the end of the 3rd season they had been in the speed force like 4 times now! There needs to be more things to move the plot ahead. Also, it is a TV show. By that I mean you have to wait a week for the next episode and so I think there should be more just “fun” plot lines not all serious ones. Because when it’s all serious sometimes it makes me feel like I should just wait till it’s on Netflix and binge it so I don’t have to like keep notes on the episode of the week!

I’m also really tired of Killer Frost, especially when she came back to help them in the lab near the end. When it was more like a bi-polar type of issue, or I guess split personalities so that Caitlin and Killer Frost were almost two separate people living in one body, that made it much more interesting but when it starts to become like both of them it takes away the idea that she could get rid of her Killer Frost side because it’s just part of her personality at this point.

Another thing, I think Cisco and Gypsy are kinda a bad pair. Gypsy isn’t even really a part of the show, it feels like the writers are just throwing him a bone, he deserves better! Honestly I would have liked it better if Cisco was either just single or dating another character in the show. I guess I would be ok with him dating Gypsy if she was a bigger character on the show and had more personality than just “cool girl who happens to have the same powers!” It feels like such a trope, and I really don’t see the need for it.


Photo Source: TVLine

Well those are all the problems I hope to see solved in The Flash Season 4 when it returns to the CW network tonight. If you want to read more about The Flash click here, and stay tuned for a review of the first episode of season 4 right here on The Game of Nerds!