The San Diego Comic Con happened this past week and left me feeling, well, quite frankly, underwhelmed. More specifically what left me disappointed was The Flash season 4 trailer. But when you think about how season 3 ended, it seems to be falling in a downhill spiral.
At the end of season 3 I was pretty upset, I love the Flash as a character and as a television show. But as season 3 drew to a close I couldn’t help but think, “this is it?” all that being said, I’m still very excited for season 4. Maybe it’s bias, or maybe just holing out hope for a better future for the Flash, but season 3 was just a mess. Reusing old tropes, one-note character, bad costume choices, it’s been better. Especially in comparison to other DC shows produced by the CW. Super girl is still making strides while still furthering the characters stories in a plausible fashion, and keeping viewers engaged. The Flash should be doing better, and for season 4 I was hoping they would right their wrongs and help to sort some things out. Then I saw the trailer.
Well first of all, I am damn near done with this whole “speed force” rubbish! They’ve used this thing 3 times already and sure, the first time it was cool, but now it’s just like they can’t think of anything else. I think this is also similar to the “multiple Earths” theme they use a lot. At first that idea excited me but it’s been so overused that it’s just lost all interest. The whole “multi-verse” idea is a big idea in the DC universe but I don’t think they’re using the idea to their advantage. And seriously what is up with Jesse? Like, is it really necessary to have her pop-up every now and then? Do we really need another speedster? Which brings me to my next point…
STOP WITH ALL THE SPEEDSTERS! Seriously, do the creators even know that other super powers exist? Do they know they can make up other powers as well?! Think about it, out of all the villains and heroes that are human, there seems to be 3 power options: Ice powers, “vibe” powers and speed. Out of the 2 ice power people, Killer Frost and Captain Cold, and Captain Cold doesn’t even have super powers! He just has a cold gun! Then there’s the 2 “vibe” powered ones, Cisco and Gypsy. Gypsy feels like she was only put in so somebody could date Cisco, but they don’t seem like a good couple and the only thing they have in common is their powers. And her story in general just isn’t very well thought out. Like, how is she actually the only human living on a planet of gorillas? How does she have food and clothing? Seriously, haw does she live? And Cisco is one of my favorite characters on the show so to me it just feels like a pity character. And then for speedsters we have The Flash, Kid Flash, Reverse Flash, Jay Garrick Flash, Zoom, Jesse, that girl Jesse’s suit came from, Saboteur, and “the Turtle” whose powers slowed down time around him to make him appear fast. Thats just too damn much. So at the beginning when Iris says “that’s what I’ve been doing, running.” I seriously can not describe how mad I would be if she had speed powers too. Or powers at all, there is such thing as too many supers on a show.
Also, does anybody else find it weird that Barry and Iris are together? Like to me it seems like he’s her adopted brother and now, they’re dating? Like what?! Nobody else sees anything wrong with this?! Barry calls Joe “dad” as does Iris, and that doesn’t set off any red flags for ANYONE?! Also, I think they’re a bit young to be getting married. I man they’re like, 25 right? Which, yes, is technically old enough to get married and I’m sure lots of you are 25 and happily married or engaged, but me as the young, single, person that I perpetually am, it seems a bit soon. Also they’ve only technically been dating for a year, and like I said, they’re practically siblings!
Also, am I missing something? Like, Iris died, right? There was that whole video thing and the whole manic-depressed future Barry scene, so like what gives? I’m sure this will be explained with one of their tried and true, overly used and abused topes: it wasn’t real just a Barry speed force vision; an alternate timeline; another flash point; just a dream? Whatever it is, it seems like an issue that’ll easily be resolved within the first 10 minutes of the first episode. So then what next? And what’s up with that whole Caitlyn/ Killer Frost thing? Didn’t she hate everyone and wanted to kill all of them last we saw her? And wasn’t her hair white?! Does her hair just change with her emotions? And what about her eyes? Last I checked those are pretty permanent fixtures to your appearance and don’t change with your mood.
Nonetheless, I’m still excited for season 4. I suppose mainly because I want all of these issues solved and I want to see my once beloved show returned to its former glory. If your still interested after this, or like me want to too it all fixed, catch the Flash Tuesday October 10th at 8pm only on The CW!