So it’s probably well known by now that I have issues with The Flash, and going in to the season premier I was more than skeptical. But after watching the season premier last week, I think I may be staring to open my mind a bit more! But that being said it wasn’t all perfect, so here is my list of Flash Pro’s and Con’s:

PRO: Kaitlyn is back!
One part I didn’t like about season 3 is that they changed Kaitlyn to Killer Frost, Kaitlyn was one of my favorite characters on the show and so I feel like she definitely deserved better. Now I think after this first episode she’s going to come back to being the character we all know and love!

CON: How Kaitlyn was unceremoniously brought back.
One thing that confused me is how Kaitlyn is just kinda… here? They don’t really have any good Kaitlyn back to being her old self again, she’s just, back with the team. I’m assuming we’ll get more back story on how she went from Killer Frost back to Kaitlyn in future episodes, because as of now it just seems like plot convenience.

PRO: Cisco back to being his silly old self!
In season 3 everyone was a bit mellow dramatic and overly depressed (in my un-humble opinion) but the season 4 opener has Cisco being fun and interesting and providing some much needed comic relief and provides some good ideas for the group. I love Cisco always being the one to encourage the group to ry harder and to look at things from a new angle and so I’m glad we got to see more of that this episode.

CON: Iris.
Ugh. Iris. SHe’s my LEAST favorite character, she’s always the damsel in distress and her whole character purpose is being Barry’s romantic interest, which, we don’t watch super hero shows to see a romance novel played out before our eyes. We want action! We want explosions! We want to see blows come to blows in epic fights mono a mono, good vs evil, villain vs hero! I think sometimes (most of the time) this show relies a little too heavily on romantic plots to make Barry more human/ have it be more personal. But there’s so many better ways to do that. Another thing that didn’t make much sense, it’s 6 months after Barry disappeared and Iris still seems like it was just last week. I understand losing a loved one is difficult, I’m sure it’s happened to most all of us, but wouldn’t she want to spend more time with the lines she loved at this point? Like wouldn’t she be thinking that if your going to lose someone you should spend as much time with them as you can while you can? Everyone else in the show seems to have that mind set, including Joe, Iris and Barry’s father (still exceptionally weird) so I’m just thinking that maybe she would be wanting the comfort of the other people she cares about. Also, can’t even sleep in her own bed? Can’t look at a picture in her house? That’s ridiculous! It’s her own home! And this is 6 months after! I just think maybe she would want to see pictures of her boyfriend, and sleep in the bed they once shared. I mean sure if it was like, a week or a month after everything happened then maybe that would make sense but 6 months? I don’t know it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

PRO: Accepting that Barry is the true Flash.
I didn’t like how in Season 3 it was as though Wally and Barry were equal. I’m not saying the can’t be in the future, but like Barry had to do a ton of training to become as good as he is and even then he has slip ups and doesn’t catch every bad guy. For a while it seemed like they were trying to make it like they were on the same level. But the fact is that Barry had a lot more training than Wally, so it’s inevitable that he would be better at being the Flash, and so I liked how in this episode they made it clear that Wally still needed help and didn’t just waltz in and automatically become the best at being the Flash overnight.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the most recent episode of The Flash! You can read more of my posts about The Flash here, and here! Catch the next episode of The Flash on the CW at 8pm Tuesdays.