I didn’t cover things last week, and with good reason, it was a very, odd episode. I don’t think it worked but I understand why taking the chance.

This week we hear over the radio a guy named Charles talking on channel 4. He tells whoever is listening where he is, how it has lots of supplies and if they come he wants to be killed and buried under the stars and is wearing a red jacket.

Dwight, Grace and Morgan are the first three to arrive at the mall. It seems that the second floor of the mall is pretty clear, while the first floor is full of walkers. The trio surveys the scene and then Grace passes out. While he is out Dwight hears music playing over the radio which is from Daniel to warn that Logan and his men have hit another gas station.

Dwight wants to leave and get the caravan before Logan’s group finds the mall thinking they heard the same broadcast, while Grace and Morgan want the caravan to come to load up on supplies. It does make sense what both sides want to do.

Dwight goes to get the caravan and to send the children north via the back roads, but he has an alternate plan to try to fish out any of Logan’s men. His plan does work, he announces what road he is going to be on, and removes bullets from his gun. He does get jumped by some random, it wasn’t a long or eventful back and forth, eventually Dwight gets free, and lets the random go.

At the mall, Grace sees that an urgent care facility is on the first floor and wants to go to see if she is sick. The plan is to use a remote control car to lead walkers away, but Grace runs off to kill a walker with a red jacket thinking it was who they heard on the radio, it wasn’t which gets them stuck.


Hey they went that way. Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

Grace and Morgan try to bond over the past, the walkers push through the glass so they go through the back to the generator room, which they should have done before. Grace fixes the generator as Morgan opens up a bit about his son, and taking chances, and how Grace didn’t have anyone, and you can see the two have some sort of connection.

Grace gets the generator working, which gets everything going crazy, the escalators work, the lights and arcade and all sorts of things kick back on. The arcade gets the walkers attention first floor, BUT, the gate is down at the clinic and when Morgan and Grace try to open it it sets off the alarm causing them to flee.

After narrowly escaping up the escalator, the pair go to the security office to find the keys, which they should have before and they see Charles on the roof still alive. Morgan and Grace go to talk to Charles who wanted to see some stars but it was a cloudy night, Grace finds a toy that portrays stars and has that projected on an overhang and spend the guys last night under the stars.

Next morning we see that the duo was busy killing all the walkers and burying Charles. Grace decides she doesn’t want to know if she is sick or not and wants to believe she still has more time. Grace and Morgan have a bonding on the merry-go-round before the others arrive. Dwight tells everyone he met one of Logan’s guys, got roughed up and let him go, Daniel is pissed. After gathering up supplies a random mentions a ranch might be a good spot to hold up, and Grace is excited to leave telling Morgan she gassed up the cars and got road snacks. Morgan, though, decides to run away from Grace and potential happiness and tells her he won’t be going with her, that Al is out on her own and he needs to go to help her.

Grace, graciously agrees and understands, fighting back tears, while Morgan drives away he is crying and I’m yelling at the TV calling him an idiot…..