Dre begins to worry about Ruby after she falls for a kidnapping scam. Ruby receives a phone call asking her to wire money in order to free Junior, who of course was home the entire time.

After Dre speaks to his co-workers about it he starts wondering if he mind could be slipping. One night on her way out, Ruby drove through the garage door instead of backing up. When he tries to talk to her about it, Ruby blames it on the car. She then accuses him of trying to take her keys away from her. Dre feels guilty and buys Ruby a new car. When he presents it to Ruby she is super excited and then reveals that it was all an act to get a new car.

Drew confronts Ruby about lying to him. Ruby confesses that getting old is hard and that he hurt her feelings. She explains that she doesn’t like being treated differently she because she is getting older. Dre agrees to try not to baby her but also asks that she start meditating with him.

Zoey causes drama among the ladies in the house (and Junior) when she invites her friend Aaron to stay for a few nights. Bow is nervous at first about a 19 year old hanging out with her daughter in her bedroom alone, but soon realizes she can trust Zoey. Junior also shows concern about Zoey spending time with Aaron and delivers my favorite line in the episode, “So, you think she’s active?”. Junior ends up revealing that he was pretending to be concerned about Zoey in order to spend more time with his mom. Junior has one year left until he goes to college. After Junior tells Bow the truth she delivers my favorite second line in the episode, “Oh buddy, college is going to punch you right in the face”.

Meanwhile, Diane is attracted to Aaron and views Zoey as competition. When Zoey tells Diane that she can have him because he is too much work for her, Diane declines and says she’s not looking for a project.

It’s also revealed that Ruby has been watching Aaron sleep and at the end of the episode she reveals her feelings toward him and asks him to choose between her and Zoey. Put in yet another awkward position Aaron says he should have stayed at an Airbnb.

I hope we see more of Aaron in this season. I think he would be a great match for Zoey and this would be her first real boyfriend. She’s also about to start college so it will be interesting to see how the show will involve her and how often she will be around.