The CW has announced when the fall season begins. The shows are starting at different times in October. For the full breakdown of your favorite CW show, click here!

Do you not like the sun, or people? Did you already finish Orange is the New Black in two days? What under the radar shows can you watch?

Looking for a bit of that child hood nostalgia? Head over to Netflix and watch Voltron! I don’t think I need to give to much back story on Voltron. It is large machined lions that join together to create Voltron and defeat evil. Think of it as Power Ranger(ish) if you never watched Voltron before.


Yes yes, more of this. Photo Credit: Voltron/Netflix

Are you instead looking for some sort of drama? Do you like The Walking Dead world and hope to find a show that took what Fear the Walking Dead season one had to work with and did it better? Look for the limited series event called Containment on the CW Network. Conflicting reports on what is going on, some reports are saying it wasn’t renewed for slow ratings, however it was always dubbed a limited series event. In either case you only have to worry about a season’s worth of episodes, just enough to fill in the summer boredom gap.

To summarize the plot, an outbreak starts in Atlanta, surprise surprise, and we follow along as a quarantine is built around the exposed. We see how the two parties, outside the quarantine and those inside try to manage, diagnosis, fix, and stay alive.


This show was pretty crazy. Photo Credit: Containment/CW

Another show that might peak your summertime curiosity is The Last Ship on TNT. A interesting fact about this show, it was also originally intended to be a one season run to fill in some programming gaps. The ratings were good enough through the majority of the first season that they announced during season one that it was going to be brought back for another season. Which internal out loud side bar, makes me believe shows like this must film different endings in case they are brought back for another season.

It is heading into season three, the first episode was pushed back for a week as the producers thought some of the story line was a resemblance to soon after the horrific situation in Florida. Basic premise for the Last Ship, is you will never guess, a virus has wrecked havoc over the world, and this last ship is on a mission for safety, survival and a cure.


This is the last ship. The end, ok not really. Photo Credit: The Last Ship/TNT

Totally unrelated note, Stephen King’s Under the Dome was also supposed to be only a one season summer fill in show, season one did well and it got picked up fora second season. I don’ know if this show is still on, but I stopped watching it in season two, it made my eyeballs get sucked into my own head to find my brain to punch it to turn it off, it got to the level of Lost Season five onward in no time flat.