We’re back!

This week on Supernatural, the boys head off on a case with good ol’ Tan Trenchcoat Lite, Mick.  Mick tells Dean and Sam about a werewolf attack in Wisconsin (YASS) and insists on coming along on the hunt. I can’t really blame him. After nearly dying in his own bunker where he thought the combo of brains and fancy technology would make for better security than knowing how to handle oneself in the event of an attack by supernatural beings, Mick needs to get a little field experience.

There are some benefits to working with the British Men of Letters, though, like your own room in a real hotel. The kind with a pool, tiny shampoo/conditioners, and mints that are just sitting there for the taking. See, Mick gets a per diem. Probably dental, too. Our boys are living the high life in a three star hotel!!

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Upon arriving at the hospital where Hayden, the werewolf attack victim, is recuperating, Dean, Sam, and Mick, (disguised as FBI agents and a doctor, respectively) question the girl’s mother. She doesn’t really have a lot of time for their shit, since her son was just killed and her daughter is fighting for her life, but hey at least they’re not cryptozoologists like the blondie with a bad attitude she spoke to earlier! While Sam, Dean, and the mom are in the hall, Mick notices that the girl has been bitten, and he looks downright sad about it.

Dean’s ears perk at Hayden’s mother’s description of the cryptozoologist, latching on to the “bad attitude” description, and calls the number on the card, deducing that it’s our favorite Wayward Daughter, Claire Novak. They meet up and Claire tells them that Jody knows what she’s up to and then insists on joining the hunt. She’s not a little kid, and can handle herself as well as creepy dudes who hit on teenagers (ew). Mick “heads to bed/to do paperwork” early into the evening, except not, and instead sneaks out to kill Hayden just as she turns into a werewolf. To be fair, she was attacking him, but wouldn’t you, if you woke up to someone trying to Kevorkian you?

The next morning our four musketeers are in the morgue, where Hayden’s body has nary a scratch on her. Dean, who has not been too keen on Diet Castiel, immediately suspects foul play. He and Mick head to the bar where Hayden was last seen while Claire and Sam go to the high school to talk to her friends.

The bartenders are both cagey and shifty about knowing Hayden and/or dating her/serving her alcohol. After some creative chit chatting and coercion, Neck Tattoo Bartender basically tells them that she was hot, and why not? One particularly cool thing about this scene is that in the middle of Mick and Dean interrogating Neck Tattoo, Dean slips in an interrogation of Mick. Dean’s no dummy; he has Mick figured out. After leaving the bar, Dean confronts Mick about killing Hayden, and gives zero fucks about Mick’s excuses and way of thinking. As he has been trying to tell BMoL for MONTHS, shit in America is not black and white. It is grey. It’s all grey.

Meanwhile, Claire and “Old Skeezy Sam” are at Hayden’s high school to gather some intel, and she rightfully tells him to wait in the car while she talks to Hayden’s BFF. Sorry Sam, you’re no babyface anymore, and wandering around high schools talking to young girls just makes you seem like a creepy perv. A little while later, a triumphant Claire comes back with the info about Hayden dating an older guy who was creepy enough to make Hayden’s friend worried about her. Sam then asks Claire why Jody thinks she’s in Madison college hunting (which, there aren’t that many here… like, three) and while he didn’t narc on her, she’s still pretty pissed about the check in. They fight and Claire storms off alone, because that always ends well.

In a super unexpected twist, the werewolf attacks Claire while she is wandering around alone. She puts up a fight, but the masked masticator takes a chomp out of her, anyway. Sam comes and gets her before she can be hurt any worse.

The team regroups in the hotel room and tries to come up with a plan. Mick and Claire are Team Kill Claire, while Dean tries to tell Claire about Garth and ways she can protect herself and others when she turns. It’s a far cry from the man who killed Amy Pond way back when and who handed his little brother a gun in “Heart.” I love seeing character growth and this whole story is full of it for Dean. Sam, meanwhile, is trying to convince Mick to use the cure the BMoL were working (and failing) on. The tests aren’t promising, and it’s either a cure or a death sentence, with which Claire is fine. The downside is that you need fresh blood of the sire wolf (much like the vampire cure we saw in Season 6). It’s convenient, since Dean and Sam plan on killing him, anyway. The boys reluctantly leave Claire with Mick (with a Dean-stern warning to not kill her, aw Dad) and go hunting. While they are on the search, the werewolf comes and kidnaps Claire after knocking Mick out.

While tying her up to his counter and trying to force feed her hearts, we learn that the reason he’s so gung-ho is that these new hunters are wiping his kind off the map, and he’s desperate to start a new pack after his old one was decimated. It’s an interesting consequence of the new, kill-happy hunters from across the pond and their allies. The boys (and Mick) find her, kill her sire, and use his blood to try and cure her, all while Claire has gone full werewolf and attacks them. The cure works (YAY not another dead woman for man pain!) and Claire is back to herself and with her family. She comes clean with Jody and is off hunting again, yay! Mick looks like he’s starting to question his purpose, and “mild angel” is complete.

Okay, so I like Mick, I do. And this might be my bitter Cas girl showing, but this whole arc of his seems extremely familiar. Like, “from eight years ago” familiar. Back then, another man in a trenchcoat started questioning the orders and motives of his superiors. Hell, maybe the Winchesters just have that effect on people. Trenchcoated people.

BAMF of the Week: Claire. Yeah she got bit, but she is overall doing really well and will be a fab hunter.