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Supernatural The Final Season, Episode 1 – 8 Review

If you remember the end of Season 14, Jack was killed by God, aka Chuck, and Dean and Sam figured out that Chuck uses them for his amusement. After Chuck killed Jack, Sam shot him which pissed off Chuck. They are not happy but Chuck left them with souls from Hell that returned to Earth.

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The CW’s Favorite Man Becomes A Part Of “The Boys!”

Jensen Ackles is headed back to the small screen! #TheBoysS3

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Food Of Supernatural

With a show as iconic as Supernatural, that has run as long as it has, we get to know the characters and their likes and dislikes. Dean and Sam and even Cas spend a lot of time in diners so we get to see what they eat. Not only do Sam and Dean like to eat, it seems other powerful entities like to eat too. For instance, Death likes fried pickles.

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Supernatural Top Five Episodes: Season 14

Here are the Top Five Supernatural Episodes of Season 14

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Supernatural Top Five Episodes: Season 13

Here are the Top Five Episodes of Supernatural’s Season 13

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How To Nerdify Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Now that Halloween is past, which I am personally sad about, we move on to the next holiday. Thanksgiving! If you are anything like my family, you have traditional fare that HAS to be served at your turkey dinner. However, my family has been wanting to mix it up a bit.

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