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Neighbours – Ramsay Street Round-Up

Photo © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Last week saw our Neighbours ration increase from two episodes a week up to three, which was very welcome. I’m still a little baffled by Channel 5’s decision to reduce the number of episodes when it’s not happening in Australia, especially since the Neighbours production team seems to be absolutely on top of how to keep filming while still keeping everyone safe. But what do I know?

Anyway, here were the three episodes that us poor, deprived Brits got to see this week:


Mark and Sky investigate after the Kennedys’ home is broken into. Sheila’s fury increases when she is accused of being responsible. Paul and Terese discover that Harlow is listening to Prue’s final voicemail over and over again. After Sheila tries to get him fired, David thinks of a way to help her deal with her grief.


Harlow is furious with Paul for deleting Prue’s voicemail, and they clash again over Roxy’s idea for a memorial. Shane has doubts about accepting an accelerated course at university, but Yashvi boosts his confidence. Kyle confesses to finding Sheila’s grief support group uncomfortable, but Roxy helps him unwind at Prue’s memorial.


Harlow and Hendrix have finally had sex, but Paul gets the wrong end of the stick and accuses Hendrix of inappropriate behaviour. When Harlow finds out, there are fireworks. Roxy and Kyle are at romantic cross-purposes. Mackenzie is broke and feeling lonely, but will Roxy’s suggestion that she get a housemate backfire?

David is Apparently Some Sort of Grief Savant

David has been wringing his hands and looking decidedly pathetic since all the drama on the island because a few people, namely Sheila and that shifty doctor who we saw once and who then disappeared into thin air, are blaming him for Finn’s descent back into goggle-eyed lunacy. David agonises over a way to help Sheila cope with her grief over Gary’s death and eventually, with some prompting from Aaron, comes up with the absolutely wild idea of her going to a grief support group. Everyone then acts like David has done something remarkable, rather than suggesting the first and most obvious thing that anyone could have possibly thought of. I expected better from David, honestly. I think he might have been hanging around with Aaron for too long.

Roxy and Kyle Are Frustrated

Roxy and Kyle are continuing their will they/won’t they romance by only having half a conversation at a time, guaranteeing that they’ve both permanently got the wrong end of the stick about whether they want to be friends or something more. I hope this storyline doesn’t drag on for too long, because Kyle and Roxy are as perfect for each other as a soap couple can be, and I find storylines that are based purely on miscommunication a bit dull. I will not forgive Neighbours if they make Roxy and Kyle dull.

neighbours roxy kyle
Roxy and Kyle before everything was awful. Photo © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Forget Free Food, Mackenzie Needs a Bed

Mackenzie and Roxy have come up with the ridiculous plan that Mackenzie should pretend she’s moving in with Paul and Terese, but then stay in her auntie Trish’s apartment now she’s moved away for work. This plan is clearly never going to work, even less so now that she’s decided to get a housemate to help with the bills and, judging from the name she scribbles down after speaking with him, manages to immediately rent her spare room out to the least suitable person in Erinsborough.

What’s got me really puzzled though, is where is Mackenzie’s bed? If she lives in the apartment while Trish is there, then I would presume she has her own room with a bed in it? So why, now there’s only her in the apartment, is she sleeping on the sofa? Surely now there are two rooms with available beds? Where is Mannix going to sleep when he moves in? Is he going to have to make a pillow fort under the dining table? I have so many questions.

Shut up, Paul

I don’t even know where to start with the absolute disaster that was Paul’s parenting last week. The deleting of the voice mail was bad enough – because how dare anyone tell another person how they should be dealing with their grief – but then his reaction to Harlow and Hendrix sleeping together was beyond the pale. The over-protective male relative is such a deeply unappealing role anyway, especially when it leads to them basically accusing someone of committing a sex crime when there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that they did. It’s so infantilising to act like it wasn’t Harlow’s choice to sleep with Hendrix, and go running over to Pierce’s house to tear strips off him, especially when the poor kid has been approximately one billion times more sensitive to Harlow’s needs while she’s been dealing with the death of her mum than Paul has.

neighbours paul
You, my dude, need to do better. Photo © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Paul is acting like a weapons-grade moron, and he really needs to shut the heck up and listen to what Harlow wants for once. It comes to something when you’re doing worse at parenting than Pierce. The one redeeming feature of this whole mess was the look Terese gave Paul after he blew up at Harlow. It was absolutely exquisite.

Just try harder, Paul.


So that’s another week in lockdown done. I hope you’re all doing OK, and that Neighbours is offering you a little bit of an escape in these weird times. Stay Safe!


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