The Mindy Project - A Decent Proposal

Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television

On the season finale of The Mindy Project, Mindy went through some big changes, Colette climbed down a window to escape true love, Jeremy gets punched, Beverly is amazing, Tamra goes about slaying life and Morgan is jealous (& homeless).

As is a TMP tradition, someone’s big life moment happens in the middle of a Jeremy-led staff meeting. This time, it’s Colette, in a perfect pink suit, proposing to Karen with the help of the Gay Men’s Chorus of LA (probably playing the Gay Men’s Chorus of New York, but details). Karen accepts the proposal and they ride off together into the sunset! jk jk jk, everyone freaks Colette out with talks of “commitment” and “forever” and “other people are suffocating” so she gets cold feet and runs out of her own engagement party.

Colette & Morgan went through some tense moments this episode, first Karen asked Colette to ask Morgan to move out, and then he wasn’t allowed to plan their bachelorette parties. In the end though, after Colette defenestrates herself and leaves Jody’s party, she finds Morgan sleeping in Phlebotomy and asks him to break up with Karen for her.


Anna came to the party with her soon to be ex-husband even after Jeremy invited her to a “Squares Exhibit” at the Museum of Geometry! He goes up to her and reminds her that she’s worth so much more than an old-ass cheater. This gives Dr. Z the confidence she needed to break up with her man for good, but her man is also dumb and jealous so he punches Jeremy in the face. It all works out though in the end, he and Anna do get to go to the Square Exhibit and there’s loaaaaddds of sexual and romantic tension in the air.

The Mindy Project - Season 5

Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television

Now let’s talk about what you’re all here to talk about, Ben & Mindy. You’ll recall, he bought a ring for her before she told him she didn’t want to get married. After hearing of Colette’s engagement, Ben decides to confide in Morgan of all people about the whole princess-cut-blood-diamond debacle.

This leads Morgan to feel responsible for dissuading Mindy from marriage, so he brings her a ton of bridal magazines, but she’s too busy with her McDonalds All Day Breakfast product placement, so she kicks him out.

Later, during Lindsay & Mindy’s girls night, the beans about the supposed engagement spill all over the place. To clean up the situation and save face, Mindy lies to Ben, saying that she doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage (the same way she doesn’t believe in the FDA or Libraries.) WE KNOW that she’s just saying that because the Danny thing traumatized her and that she probably still thinks she can do better.

At the very eventful party, Ben learns that Mindy is in fact ALL ABOUT getting married! He confronts her about lying and leaves because he doesn’t want to start a fight.

The Mindy Project - Season 5

Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television

When Mindy gets home from the party, Lindsay (whose babysitting Leo) is curious as to why she came back so early. Mindy starts talking about everything with Ben and getting married and maybe not needing to do it but Lindsay admits that it’s important to her, so that Leo can be her step-brother and than she can be sure that Mindy is with Ben for good, that she won’t just disappear out of their lives, and her life, one day.

After hearing this, Mindy puts on her best white dress and heads down to a subway with Leo & Lindsay where she proposes to Ben with the same exclusive comic book he pawned to buy her ring! He’s thrilled and they all hug on the platform. In the next scene, MINDY AND BEN ARE FREAKING MARRIED! Mindy Lahiri’s marriage happened off-screen! In a low-key ceremony! WHO IS SHE EVEN?!!

Min, Ben, Lindsay & Leo are all sitting on the subway, looking happy and in love, until Mindy looks out the window WITH A WEIRD LOOK ON HER FACE! A look that suggests she might not have wanted to do this, or that she’s still harbouring some very unlamplike feelings for a certain sweaty Italian meatball, or that Kaling she needed an opening into season 6 and giving Mindy Lahiri exactly what she wanted in a totally different way that she wanted while making her realize it’s not what she wants IS TYPICAL TMP STYLE!

You can watch The Mindy Project on Hulu, Freeform, CityTV or Netflix Canada – depending on where you are. The show was renewed for a SIXTH and FINAL season last week, stick with us as we bring you the latest and greatest from Kaling & co leading up to the series’ final season!