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Rarely does ANY network sitcom make me laugh out loud anymore, but this week’s “Return To Skyfire” was a welcome exception. We returned to the Skyfire fandom, where Terry really lets his nerd flag fly…and surprisingly, Jake does too. He read all of the Skyfire books in prison. He and Terry have all of the same favorite parts and are more than eager to go to the NY Convention where author DC Parlov is speaking. They make Rosa tag along, hoping she’ll get into the nerdy spirit. She doesn’t (until the end). While at the Con, they meet up with Parlov, whom they helped previously in the episode “Skyfire Cycle”. He claims his manuscript for the latest Skyfire book was stolen and the perps are threatening to leak it unless Parlov gives them $500,000. His first thought is rival sci-fi/fantasy author, Landon Lawson, but when they check with him, they find his manuscript has been stolen, too. Terry, Jake, and Rosa are unable to find the culprit before both authors have to shell up their $500,000. The authors’ willingness to cooperate was shady enough, but when Parlov lied to Terry and told him that his book was good (because Jake read it and it wasn’t), both Jake and Terry figured out (independently) that Parlov had set up the whole heist on his own to create buzz. He’s proven, once again, to be a real jackass. While Terry is feeling bummed because Parlov let him down again and his own novel is bad, Jake is there to encourage him: Were you a good cop right away? No, says Terry. You got better, and you’ll get better at writing, too. [paraphrased]

*Best part of this storyline, Jake’s Addams family rap, and references to anything slightly nerdy (including Carly Rae Jepsen—even though I wouldn’t classify her as nerdy)

Back at the 99, Holt and Amy want to take a forensics course being hosted at the 99, with the hopes of getting approved for their own forensics lab, but when Boyle says he wants to take the course as well, they both panic. Boyle talks endlessly at every class he attends—he says he has to make personal connections to learn (you can do that in your head, buddy). So He joins in, but can’t control himself, so Holt and Amy, eager to shut him up, put a plaster mold on his face (part of a class assignment), and forget the Vaseline base. A rookie mistake that they don’t want to add up to; this also means Boyle will have this plaster mask on his face for 5 days. When Holt and Amy see how willing Boyle is to help them get their certification by blindly leaving the 99 to try to steam the mask of of his face, they decide their loyalty and friendship with Boyle is more important than having a forensic lab, so they own up to their mistake, and let Boyle continue to make endless personal connections.

Another strong episode in an overall strong season! Check back in with TGON next week!