I gave it a few weeks, I waited to get into the Holiday season of giving and forgiveness and happiness to see if my mood would change. Safe to say that is a resounding no, I am still very unhappy that Madison has made her way back to Fear the Walking Dead. Her monotone, her delivery just didn’t seem to jive with the seriousness of the show and the other characters. I would much rather see Tobias back, or have Althea not leave the show, but alas I am in the minority in wanting her to return so here we are. 

With that said, it does create interesting storylines, do we get to find any of them out? Is anyone’s guess. The first is where has Madison been? You would be safe to guess that she was taken by someone/somewhere, as it doesn’t seem the crew has ventured too far from their normal holding areas. One could imagine someone would have bumped into someone along the way, especially with so many people out on their own. 

If not, what has she been doing? Did she decide to try and create another new safe home for everyone? Perhaps she was looking for such a place, and could have either got that prepped for everyone, or I would imagine more likely, is finally located the next place and needs help to clear it out or get it prepared. Which in turn made her go back for people to help set up the new place. 

I’m thinking the most logical of the situations is, she was taken somewhere, and it has taken her this long to finally be able to break free, and then travel/explore to make it back in the fold of everyone else. I do hope that she was with some interesting characters and brought interesting storylines to overshadow her return(the hate is real!)

The obvious storyline that is going to come to play is what does Madison do? She sees Victor with one set of friends in a tower that is refusing to play nice with the others, while on the other hand she sees Alicia, who appears to be heading towards death, wanting to go down a destructive path to destroy Victor and all he has built. One would think that family ties would win out, but from the outside at face value, the side that wants to bomb and destroy the other side would appear to be the evil side. 

I am also anxious to see how Morgan interacts with Madison, will he be intimidated by another strong lead or will he be happy to have someone else that can shoulder the burden? I think he will welcome Madison overall as long as she isn’t fully in with Strand.