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Photo Source: Tyler Golden/ The CW

Love was in the air last week on Jane The Virgin! Everyone’s flirt radar was on high alert! (side note: don’t you wish you had a real flirt radar?? How helpful would that be?) Seriously, everyone was getting some or trying to get some. The best thing we can do to break it down is take it character by character.


Our leading lady is ready to enter the dating pool again. It’s been three years since she lost Michael and she’s beginning to feel normal again. While she thinks everyone is  checking her out (they aren’t–if you haven’t seen this scene, stop reading this and go watch), it’s really just her own horniness she’s projecting on everyone else. After sorting out her feelings with BFF Rafael, they decide to go out and find her a man. Unfortunately, she accidentally lets it slip that she’s a widow to the first guy she makes a connection with. When it seems like all hope is lost for a love connection for Jane, she feels a little spark with boxing partner (and Michael’s best friend) Dennis. They decide to go mini-golfing together and quickly realize that they’re not really attracted to each other at all; they were both just sort of clinging to the idea of Michael. Strike two for Jane. Finally, Jane sees Rogelio’s spicy new costar and starts to get all glowy (not in her heart…if ya know what I mean). Is our Jane (the former virgin) about to strike up a sexy affair with a Latin actor?!

Rafael & Petra

The last time we saw Rafael and Petra they were getting down and dirty in his penthouse. We all figured this was because of their pent-up feelings for one another, but it turned out to be more of a drunken hookup. We spent most up the episode confused about who has feelings for whom. These two have a chemistry that’s off the charts. We finally realize that Petra’s only trying to make Chuck jealous. While at first it seems like Raf is relieved, we later realize that he really is developing feelings for Petra (but what about Jane?!?!)

On the Petra front, it seems like her plan is going nowhere. Chuck is sick of Petra’s elitist attitude–he wants a lady who wants to be with him. And you know, who doesn’t implicate him for a crime (sort of). Petra’s leaping gesture of love is to get on a mechanical bull in his club and promptly (after five seconds) get thrown off and lose a tooth. Of course, that’s what draws Chuck back in. Chutra (?) is back on. (and Raf is sad).

Xiomara & Rogelio (XoRo)

Bruce has become a super bad lawyer to Rogelio ever since being dumped by Xiomara. Of course, Rogelio doesn’t know this and just thinks Bruce is ignoring his texts. To make matters worse, Ro is in a time crunch because he needs to settle his dispute before they can begin production of the telenovela version of “Gulliver’s Travels”. Oy. On the day of the settlement with the judge, Bruce quits on Ro, then Xiomara admits that they broke up because she’s still in love with him. He dreamily says it back and they start making out in front of the judge. XoRo lives!!! And so does his new telenovela, but only because Rogelio agreed to pay the creators of “The De La Vega Factor Factor” his entire first year salary of his new show. Well, I guess it’s worth it for love? Here’s hoping the XoRo can stick it out this time and make it work.


So Alba has really gotten back in touch with her sexuality…I have heard that can peak for women later in life. She spends all of her time thinking about her new love, Jorge. He keeps putting off a date with her, though. At first you start to wonder if he’s actually a dog, but then you realize he just wants to make their first date special. He overhears Alba telling Jane how romantic mini-golf is (false), so he decides to take her there. Cut to them making out against one of the statues on the course and getting busted by a security guard! C’mon; they aren’t pervs! They’re just old people falling in love!

Jane the Virgin doesn’t return until April 24th, but at least we’re starting this Spring hiatus on a happy note, filled with lust and love!