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Paradise Marsh Brings Relaxation to Bug Catching

If I am being honest, the cuteness factor is what drew me in. However, the music created by Rich Vreeland was also a significant factor.

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Mail Time Makes Delivering Mail Adorable

The graphics are warm and inviting, almost giving off LittleBigPlanet vibes. Story-wise, it reminds me of a sweeter Death Stranding, minus the baby device.

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“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”-The Final Season Hilarity

The team is trying to pull a back to the future on #MarvelsAgentsofSHIELD.

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TGON’s Couch Co-Op Collection: Diablo 3

Check out this week’s installment of TGON’s Couch Co-Op Collection with Diablo 3!

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TGON’s Couch Co-Op Collection: Broforce

Overview of Broforce, a couch co-op game created by Free Lives

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TGON Plays: Tomb Raider

Hello Everyone! Welcome to TGON Plays! In light of this game’s sequel being released later this year, I want to enlighten you all on a VERY VERY important game…Tomb Raider. Tomb raider has been with all of us for generations,...

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