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Overview of Broforce, a couch co-op game created by Free Lives

With the influx of online gaming, it has become harder and harder to find quality games that you can play with friends in person. While there are plenty of titles that you and your friends can battle it out AGAINST each other, getting your hands on ones where you work together isn’t an easy task. We call these rare gems couch co-op games, because you can play them together… well on the couch. This series will cover a variety of couch co-op title, on multiple platforms, that our TGON team have tried and enjoyed. We hope you do too!

Broforce Title Screen - Screenshot from Broforce by Free Lives
Broforce Title Screen – Screenshot from Broforce by Free Lives

Today, we’re going to check out a title from the team at Free Lives called Broforce. This fantastically entertaining game was shown to me by a buddy of mine who was hosting a gaming night at his place. Using a few USB controllers, myself and three other party goers got to partake in a few hours of bloody pixelated destruction and mayhem with a twist of comedy thrown in. Since then, I’ve purchased the game myself and introduced many other friends and family members to the mindless gaming delight that is Broforce.

How to Play

World Map - Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives
World Map – Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives

Without giving away too many spoilers, Broforce’s game-play follows a variety of special operative heroes in their mission to rid the world of terror. When the stage begins, you are dropped from a helicopter into an enemy filled landscape. You side scroll your way through the board, jumping on obstacles, grabbing onto walls, and avoiding fire from those nasty terrorists. You can rescue other “bros”, which grants you extra lives, and eventually make it to the extraction point. If you survive, a helicopter swoops in with a ladder extended and you fly away while explosions litter the landscape you just left.


Brobocop's charged spread gun attack - Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives
Brobocop’s charged spread gun attack – Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives

Unlike most titles where you get to pick your character, Broforce randomly selects your “bro” from all of the ones you’ve got unlocked. By playing the game, you unlock more and more characters to use. Each and every one is reminiscent of action stars from your favorite movies and games, just “bro’d up” a bit. Some notable ones are “Bronan the Brobarian” (Conan the Barbarian), “Rambro” (Rambo), and “Bro Hard” (John McClane from Die Hard). Each has unique attacks, and a special ability, that require a bit of trial and error to master. Some “bros” have truly explosive capabilities that you need to keep in check.


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One of the most impressive aspects of this game is that you can destroy… everything! While explosions are the easiest way to destroy things, even melee attacks will affect the items and landscape around you. Too many guys in that room in front of you? Dig a hole right underneath them. Wall in the way of that pesky commando? Blow it up, and take him out! This game allows you and your friends to get creative as you take out countless terrorist enemies. Just try not to go overboard! I’ve been in more than one situation where my overzealous explosions made it impossible for me to finish a level.

Brochete staring down incoming missiles - Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives
Brochete staring down incoming missiles – Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives

What makes this game such a great couch co-op is that there isn’t a hefty price to pay for losing a level. You simply restart at the beginning, or a checkpoint if you’ve still got lives, and play it all over again. Certain levels require the use of specific bros, but for the most part the character you play changes over and over again. In my experience, this makes for some incredibly comical banter between your teammates as each of you learns to deal with the skill set of a new character while murdering your enemies. What’s even better, is that you don’t need your friends alive to finish a level. You’ll spend less time mad at your friends for repeatedly blowing up a needed bridge, and more fun laughing when you leave them stranded behind!


Completed Level Screen - Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives
Completed Level Screen – Screenshot of Broforce by Free Lives

In the end, Broforce has become one of my favorite go-to couch co-op games for seasoned gamers and novices alike. The side scroll terrorist murdering game-play is simple, but incredibly addicting. Free Lives managed to inject a serious amount of comedy into this title, and you’ll enjoy every ridiculous line that your superior gives you. You can pick up this title on PC, Mac, or PS4, though you’ll want some USB controllers if you’re going to play on PC or Mac. Check out their launch trailer for a glimpse at the action packed glory that is Broforce!

Broforce Launch Trailer

Ever played Broforce before? Comment below with your favorite bro! Let us know what other couch co-op games you’d like to see us dive into! We love hearing from the TGON readership, so drop us a line! Check out the Free Lives team here, or the Broforce page here!

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