Indie farming games tend to be my favorite genre to play alone. They allow for a form of nostalgia escapism that just hits differently than other games. Stardew Valley was the first indie title that brought me back into the farming sim world, and I am more than happy to share others of its kind. Today’s game I have decided to share is set in a world full of color and wonder. Welcome, to the world of Alchemic Cutie.

Alchemic Cutie
Source: Alchemic Cutie’s Presskit

The Story

Alchemic Cutie takes place on Wimba Island, where wild jellies run rampant. Here, players will tame these beasts, make friends with the locals, enter local competitions, and explore the untold secrets of Wimba Island. The focus of this game is the jellies, which can be bred, tamed, and raised to be fierce competitors. Each jelly is unique, with stats randomly generated, and can take on one of 4000 visual styles. In addition, alchemy creates special brews that will buff the jelly’s skills or turn them into something more powerful.

However, players do not have to only focus on raising the very best jellies. There is exploring to be done! Wimba Island is full of secrets awaiting discovery throughout the vast lands. Between the beaches and caves, there are various biomes players can explore. In addition, there are always villagers to chat up. Players can help them with fulfilling quests or take some time to relax and hang out with their favorite NPCs. Modding is also a big part of Alchemic Cutie. The developers encourage modders to add villagers, quests, maps, and more. There is also a Cutie Club devoted to showing off mod-made items.


When I first saw Alchemic Cutie, I immediately thought of Littlewood. This is partly due to the game’s bright colors and adorable graphics. I also enjoy that this title pays attention to the genetics of the jellies. Sure, tilling the land and raising crops is a fun way to pass the time. However, this breading aspect to Alchemic Cutie adds another element that I have not explored in any other title. Plus, the idea of using alchemy to modify my critters brings out the villainous wizard side in me, which always seems like a great time. Overall, Alchemic Cutie is worth checking out if this genre is something up your alley.

Odds and Ends

Alchemic Cutie came out in 2021 and is available on several platforms. These include all Linux, Windows, and Mac through Steam. It is also available on Xbox for console players. In the end, I would love to hear what jellies you have created in the comments below.