A dating sim that appeals to the modern player and has captured the hearts of gamers world wide. Warning, this game is rated for a mature audience so be advised that certain text and images may be inappropriate for certain audiences.

Created by the talented team of Beautiful Glitch, based in Barcelona, Spain, players have the unique option to have multiple players within the same monster packed game-session. Enjoy various characters that will make you want to play for every outcome, the different story-lines and shop for weird items at the store.

We also have a little information for the sequel, Monster Prom 2, which has just been given the green-light through kick-starter.

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Photo Source: Monster Prom – Beautiful Glitch (Developer) – Those Awesome Guys (Publisher)

The options this game offers the players are what make it one of the most flexible games out there for the casual player. Players are actually given the option to play a long (60 minutes) or short (30 minutes) version of the game and adjusts the games requirements as such.

Naturally, most dating sims require certain criteria are met in order to achieve certain endings. Paths an individual can take are definitely not short with good, bad and secret endings apart from the options during game play too.

With this in mind, the price is completely reasonable. Steam has the game listed at approximately twelve US dollars. On the other hand, we felt the DLC was a bit of a grey area to cover. At around six US dollars, the DLC, Monster Prom: Second Term, definitely added some note worthy content, including two new date-able characters. Although, at half the games original cost, some may argue it is a little over priced. There is plenty of content added with this DLC that those who play it through extensively will not have much problem with the price. (Got to love those secret endings)

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Photo Source: Monster Prom – Beautiful Glitch (Developer) – Those Awesome Guys (Publisher)’

Choices matter greatly in this game and depending on how you play will affect the outcome. You will be given a large sum of scenarios to guide you throughout the game. Depending on how you play can determine what ending you get along with secrets that to be revealed with your actions. You must acquire a number of  character points or items to achieve your endings but it through the fun of finding these things that really add to the games intrigue.

Some of these endings need you to be really specific so unlocking everything will take multiple trys over a span of time. If your not the patient player, there are walk through that can tell you what to do so don’t feel as it there are no instruction out there if you need them.

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Photo Source: Monster Prom – Beautiful Glitch (Developer) – Those Awesome Guys (Publisher)

After discussing the basics of the game, let us analyse the game as a whole for the public. Overall, the game has become popular with good reason as it hits many of the major points. The co op mode if functional and can definitely be a plus for those use to playing with friends. Its well made with decent transitions and consistent writing, sound and results. As of this article’s publishing, the visuals appear to be well articulated as viewers can make out the environment’s details and text boxes. There are some elements that may be unsuitable to certain audiences so there is a target audience for this video game. We would recommend this game to a casual player or a gamer looking for a cheap form of entertainment to last a while. It is reasonably priced and engages the audience so well that is quickly becoming a name in the gaming community.

The content may be inappropriate for younger audiences and there are elements of violence, sexual themes and drug references. This game was given a rating of M (Mature +17) so keep that in mind before purchasing or playing.

The biggest question we have is why the drastic ages for the date-able characters. This is suppose to take place in a high school and yet all the characters appear to be adults (even if they act like kids). We are not sure if this was simply a detail over looked or what have you but it is hardly worth taking away from the game but is something most react to when first playing.

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Photo Source: Monster Prom – Beautiful Glitch (Developer) – Those Awesome Guys (Publisher)

Few of you may know this, but the sequel for Monster Prom has been announced and confirmed as the kick-starter raising funds for it has far surpassed the necessary mark.

Monster Prom has cultivated an amazing fandom given its release a little over a year ago. If you found the game to be a true work of art, then you will have no problem finding merchandise and online communities dedicated to this single game.

We greatly look forward to the upcoming release of the sequel as the first game brought us great entertainment. Please leave a like and comment below with your thoughts or opinions of the game. If you know someone who would enjoy this article, be sure to share it on social media. Thank you for reading and look out for more of our content in the future.