Lately, my work playlist has consisted of old sea shanties and intoxicating bagpipe solos. It sounds strange, I know, but there is something about shouting in unison with others that gets me pumped, even if I’m only singing along with Spotify. When I found a pixelated pirate game on Kickstarter, I knew it was meant to be! With that, let us dive into Seablip.


Source: Seablip

Seablip is a real-time tactical RPG single player game that is highly story-driven. Players inherit a small boat from their foster parents and are left to explore the vast waters ahead of them. They will encounter pirates, melting ice caps, quests, and perhaps other mystical dangers. Seablip is the name of a modest island that acts as the player’s base of operations. This world has also been involved in a hundred-year war between the Redcoats and Bluecoats. While players don’t necessarily have to engage with this portion of the plot, one could choose a side or play both! The goal of the game is to return Seablip to its former glory as well as become the best captain around.

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Players will be able to explore a vast open-world with a sea of attractive game play options. One can hire and control their crew as well as fight dangerous enemy pirates. Combat is considered tactical, and players will need to upgrade their ship to fit their unique play style. Fights can be either “ship vs. ship,” “ship vs. island,” or “hand-to-hand” while foes can be pirates, red or blue coats, or other magic-wielding entities.


Source: Seablip

Seablip is currently being created by Jardar Solli, who has had a passion for video games since childhood. Players can expect to play Seablip on PC or Mac around October 2021. Based on the Kickstarter and the Seablip website, I find myself drawn to the art style and unique story line. It does give off a Stardew Valley kind of vibe! I’m not usually one to play the tactical genre; however, it feels like a game that could help ease me into it. Overall, I’m excited to learn more about Seablip and look forward to the future release.