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Harry Dresden And His Enchanted Tools

When you see witches on TV or in movies, you see them with items that help them cast spells. You see wands, athames (ritual knives), chalices, and various other objects. They are used to focus and harness that witch’s power. Yes, it really works that way. In the Dresdenverse, wizards use tools like these in the same manner.

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Battle Ground Is Almost Here!

Battle Ground comes out September 29th, 2020. The are up for preorder at Barnes and Nobles.

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Jim Butcher’s Peace Talks Is Hitting Stores!

July 14th, 2020 Peace Talks hit shelves!

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The Dresden Files Season 1 Episode 4 “Rules Of Engagement”

We open to a woman walking to Harry’s place. She needs him to find a man. She doesn’t have much in the way of traditional information but she has a pork chop that he used. Good thing Harry is a wizard.

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The Dresden Files Season Season 1 Episode 3 “Hair Of The Dog”

We open to someone racing through the forest and a roar. He ends up being mauled. Next Murphy is showing Harry a dead body. Funny though, the man that was mauled is not the dead body they were viewing. Murphy interviews Heather about Mina. Mina is the dead woman

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Drunk History Tells the Story of Dangerous Ladies in “Femme Fatales”

#drunkhistory talks dangerous ladies in “Femme Fatales”

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Harry Dresden Gift Items

Harry Dresden happens to be one of my heroes. I have read all the books and watched the entire series (not that there was much). I would love to own some of his stuff. I really want to try playing his RPG (role playing game). Given that the holidays are here I wanted to put together an article to tell you where to find everything.

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Skin Game By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 15

Harry is still living on the island of Demonreach. The entity of the island informs Harry that Mab is at the docks. Surprise surprise, Mab has a job for Harry.

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Changes By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 12

Susan has been hiding a secret. She and Harry have a child. Harry has no idea that Margaret exists until a call from Susan informs him that not only does he have a child, but that child has been taken by the Red Court.

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Turn Coat By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 11

If anyone know what it’s like to be the underdog, it’s Harry. He has fought his way out of a corner more than once. So when the doodoo hit’s the fan, Harry is who you want in your corner fighting with you.

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