We open to someone racing through the forest and a roar. He ends up being mauled. Next Murphy is showing Harry a dead body. Funny though, the man that was mauled is not the dead body they were viewing. Murphy interviews Heather about Mina. Mina is the dead woman

Butters, the medical examiner, finds silver dust in the respiratory system of the woman who died. Harry was, unfortunately, unable to give them much in the way of help. Then the FBI shows up going through Murphy’s files. They are taking over the case. Harry meanwhile, takes Bob on a field trip to find out who Romeo is and to look at the dead girl. The guy wasn’t someone that Harry was familiar with. The girl, however, was not what Harry or Bob was expecting. The girl was actually lycanthrope.

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The FBI woman shoos Harry off which is a good thing because he needed to talk to Heather. She shows up but then runs away but Harry catches up with her. They get into talking about Mina and the bar. Heather was uncomfortable at the bar that she and Mina were at. After talking Harry runs out to the bar and Heather insists on going with him.

Harry takes a mirror from the bar and counts back the hours and then gets arrested by federal agents. Heather gets taken then bitten. Murphy and Harry talk and he impresses upon Murphy how important it is to find Heather and get the FBI to see that it’s their agents that are killing people. Heather wakes up to find out she is a prisoner.

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The male agent talks about reaching nine and that this will be over soon. Heather is turning. Dresden isn’t in jail and he wasn’t released. As he realizes what is going on, Heather escapes and finds him. Agent Raskin doesn’t know that Agent Bushnell has been scratched even though Heather knew he was bleeding. Heather is having a hard time. Harry dials his nose to an 11 so he can track back to where Heather was. It wasn’t needed as they found them.

Does Heather turn? Is Harry forced to kill her? What happens to the FBI agents? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Harry can be found on Vudu. Til next week…