When you see witches on TV or in movies, you see them with items that help them cast spells. You see wands, athames (ritual knives), chalices, and various other objects. They are used to focus and harness that witch’s power. Yes, it really works that way. In the Dresdenverse, wizards use tools like these in the same manner.

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Harry has used a number of items throughout the series. Several of them, he employs regularly. Harry doesn’t have great control over his power. He has admitted that he doesn’t and throughout Molly’s apprenticeship, he has said that he can’t do the delicate spells that she can. His tools help him out immensely. Harry isn’t the only wizard to get a bit of help from tools. Let’s take a look at some of his enchanted objects.

Harry’s staff. In the TV series, it was a hockey stick. In the book series, he has a proper staff. It is engraved with runes. He uses it for everything from channeling lightning to disrupting different magics. Harry has even used it as a big stick to hit enemies. Ebenezer McCoy, Harry’s mentor, and grandfather, also uses a staff.

The blasting rod Harry uses is also engraved with runes and sigils. He most often uses it for the spell Fuego. Later in the series, when he can use the spell Hellfire, this is the tool he uses to focus it. The blasting rod isn’t only for fire. Air is another way Harry uses it. It blasts doors open nicely. This particular piece of weaponry is as subtle as a mac truck.

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Harry’s shield bracelet is a masterpiece in my personal opinion. The one he had at the start of the series was made of all silver and had dangling shield charms. It served him well, stopping attacks on him as well as bullets. It, unfortunately, wasn’t meant to shield from heat and when it was covered in napalm, Harry was severely burnt on his shield hand. His new bracelet has a dangling shield of silver, iron, brass, copper, and nickel. This one is designed much better. It can shield damn near anything, physical or magical, including being in outer space.

Harry’s kinetic rings are something I wish I owned. Harry wears several rings on his right hand that store a little energy every time Harry moves that hand. Over time that is a lot of force. When need Harry can use that kinetic force in a big blast.

Since Harry is a White Counsel Warden, he owns a Warden sword. The swords were made by Anastasia Luccio. Unfortunately, when the Corpsetaker forced her out of her original body, she lost the ability to make them. Being that these swords are supernatural, they are sharp enough to cut through any metal and into supernatural hides. They also break any enchantment.

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Harry’s present duster just fits him. Whenever I picture Harry, it is always with his duster. That was one of the few things I disliked about the TV series. He wore a military jacket. He has enchanted the leather so well, it serves as body armor. It can even stand up to assault rifles. There are two great side effects of this enchantment. It is waterproof as well as stainproof.

Any of these enchanted items would be fabulous to have. Of all of his magical items, I think my favorite is the pentacle Harry’s mother gave him. I just really like pentacles. Plus it is something he has of his mother. The bonus? It casts light to see in the dark.

What is your favorite of Harry’s enchanted items? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…