Chicago is the destination now.

June and Janine decide to part ways. Janine wants to find happiness in their war-torn world and June is hell-bent on destruction. She goes in search of the Nighthawks, who are intent upon killing all soldiers of Gilead. The journey though has an I am legend feel to it. Deserted and destroyed street and she is walking down it very much alone. But to her surprise the person who ends up following her is Janine.

Seems Gilead wants to commit genocide and Commander Blaine is in charge of it. His shocked and knows that June is in Chicago so he does not want to do it. Back in Chicago things are not as they seem and June can sense something is off, and they see jet coming and they are dropping bombs. All Janine and June can do is run for their lives. But not fast enough. June comes too, laying in a pile of rubble, and tries to get her bearings.

No sign of Janine anywhere. The ending was truly bittersweet. I should have known when they started showing Janine’s backstory, what the deal was. As June is searching for Janine, and calling her name, Help is coming and looking for survivors. Through the rubble it’s Moira. Moira sees June. June turns around to see Moira, but Janine is heartbreakingly absent.