We open to a woman walking to Harry’s place. She needs him to find a man. She doesn’t have much in the way of traditional information but she has a pork chop that he used. Good thing Harry is a wizard. He does that voodoo that he does as Bob tells him he needs to clean up and marry a woman with money. Harry finds the guy he is looking for but he is a crispy critter.

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Harry brings in Morgan. Morgan a wizard who is the Warden ( Warden is basically the police of wizards in the Dresdenverse) of Chicago. Morgan really despises Harry because Harry killed his uncle with magick but I digress. Morgan was brought in by Harry because the crispy critter smelled of brimstone which means demonic and Harry refuses to work on demonic stuff. Of course, Morgan thinks Harry is responsible. Murphy and the police show up and Morgan poofs out of there unseen by the police leaving Harry to explain.

Murphy lets Harry go to talk to the woman that hired him. The woman gave Harry the name Nikki but her name is actually Caryn. At Karen’s apartment, they find a demon that thinks Harry has the chain. Harry has no idea what he is talking about. As Murphy busts through the door, the demon jumps out the windows and poofs. Caryn shows up right after and is taken into custody.

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Desperate to find answers Harry goes to see the demon that jumped out the window. His name is Sirota. Classy name. We find out that the reason Caryn is involved is that the hellspawn, named Matthew, that Sirota sent to seduce her is now her boyfriend and wants his freedom from Sirota. All of this information spurs Harry on to save Caryn. Unfortunately, she knocks him out before he can do so.

Back at his place, Harry tries to figure out what is going on and where the chain of sin is and why Matthew didn’t kill him while he was knocked out. He does find the chain of sin and talks to Matthew. Matthew wants to become human again. Harry goes to Morgan for help.

Does Morgan help him? Why does Matthew want to be human again after tasting such power? Watch and see what is going on in the episode and tell me what you think in the comments below. Til next week…