Okay, so it’s more of a count up, but details, details. Since the announcement was made that Supernatural’s 15th season will be its last, I find myself feeling nostalgic. So, for the next several weeks I’ll be posting and writing about the five (in my opinion) best episodes of each season. This is by no means a definitive list, nor is it in any particular order, but I will fight anyone who tries to argue that these are not the best of a very long, very beautifully painful show.

With the show on break for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d return to talk a little about the best episodes of Season 12.

 Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox


What’s not to love about this episode, really? We get to see Jody living her usual life, we see the comfort of the boys with her, and we get some peeks into the Hunter Culture.™ One of the strengths or shortcomings of the dynamic on the show, depending on your point of vision, is the isolated dynamic of the brothers in regards to the hunter world. Their whole lives, they’ve been an island unto themselves. They’re legends in a community they’re not really a part of, so we haven’t gotten to see much of their world.

 All Along the Watchtower


Okay, I’m gonna say it: Crowley deserved better. Who would have thought we’d say that about the Crossroads demon? His redemption arc was a great one, and to have his death (which was still a pretty good death, honestly) be completely overshadowed by the (temporary) death of Cas was just frustrating. The episode itself was a great one, but I will always be frustrated with this moment. 

 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


Honestly this episode would be on this list for Cas’s female vessel alone, but luckily it’s also a pretty damn good story! If you don’t know me yet, my favorite episodes of television are story-driven, rather than a tone of action. Seeing Cas before he fell and before meeting the Winchesters was awesome, but seeing the risk of human/angel relationships was really interesting, also. Oh plus the Bickering Married couple of Dean and Cas. I can’t imagine being Sam while these two nitpick.

 Regarding Dean



I’m going to get a little emotional with this one. The episode’s premise (Dean loses his memory) could easily have played out as silly and goofy. It does that for a lot of the episodes, but Jensen’s emotive acting cannot be contained as we watch the desperate horror when Dean’s staring in the mirror, as everything slips away. Now, to get a little personal, my grandfather died of Alzheimer’s, and that look of fear and frustration of losing yourself is one I remember. I know fans have lamented for years the lack of recognition for Jensen’s acting, and this one scene showcases why.

Stuck in the Middle (with you)


I love me some Reservoir Dogs, so naturally this episode is going to be a favorite of mine for awhile. It also cemented a deep frustration and resentment nearing hatred of Mary, which in hindsight, seems like a bit of a double standard. I mean, it’s not like TFW always (or ever) communicate the truth to each other. They all withhold information, be it for selfish reasons or in a misguided attempt to protect each other. This one, though, ended up in a lot of bloodshed, and in the end, Mary still didn’t come clean about her role in the whole mess.

What were your favorite episodes of Season 12? Anything I left off the list? Any episodes you think don’t belong? Let us know!