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For 15 years, Jensen Ackles (he of the spectacular jawline and piercing eyes) has enthralled fans as monster hunter Dean Winchester on Supernatural. When one show ends, another Eric Kripke-run show begins. Prior to season 2 premiering on Amazon Prime, it was announced Ackles was joining the third season of The Boys.

Cast as Soldier Boy (a Captain America-esque supe), the role should give Ackles the room to stretch beyond Dean Winchester and open him up to an entirely new group of fans.

Courtesy of Amazon Prime

A bloody, violent, and extremely well-written satire on the fickle nature of superheroes, The Boys is an excellent vehicle for actors looking to move beyond a long-term characterization. Check out the fun announcement from Ackles himself:

Season 2 of The Boys premieres on Amazon Prime on September 4th.