Image Courtesy of CW

With a show as iconic as Supernatural, that has run as long as it has, we get to know the characters and their likes and dislikes. Dean, Sam, and even Cas spend a lot of time in diners so we get to see what they eat. Not only do Sam and Dean like to eat, it seems other powerful entities like to eat too. For instance, Death is a food consiourer and likes fried pickles. Let’s check out some of the foods that are popular in Supernatural…

Pie – Dean LOVES pie. Even though he loves all pie, his favorite is cherry pie. There were a number of times that when Dean asked for pie and the person he asked didn’t get it. Dean truly has a love affair with pie.

Burgers – Dean’s other love affair is with burgers. Dean loves a good burger. He often scoffs or sneers in the general direction of Sam’s salads. When Castiel’s human host is influenced by the Horseman Famine he craves burgers and eats an ungodly amount.

Bacon – Dean loves bacon. Not as much as pie or burgers but feels that bacon compliments burgers really well. He also likes to have bacon with his breakfast and it’s his favorite snacks.

Salad – Sam on the other hand prefers salads. He even picks them over burgers at fast food joints. Dean loves to make fun of Sam’s choice of food which Sam lets roll off his back. Sam treats his body like the temple that it is and only chooses to fill it full of “good” foods. 

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich – It has to be with jelly not jam. It was a favorite of Castiel’s when he was human. He misses them as an angel because angels taste food very differently and it makes the food less enjoyable.

Winchester Surprise – It is something that Mary dreamed up. It consists of 3 pounds of pork, 3 pounds of beef, 3 pounds of American cheese and Fritos to garnish. Dean likes to drown it in hot sauce. Mary was surprised that Dean remembered what she calls “a heart attack on a plate”

Pizza – It makes up a big part of their diet. Any hunter’s diet really. It is fast, it can be delivered and you can get different toppings. It also happens to be a favorite food of  Death.

If you missed it, there is a Supernatural cookbook filled with delicious hunter inspired foods. They include various recipes commonly associated with the main characters along with the copious amounts of alcohol they drink. I think that makes up a food group in their opinion. Did I miss any important food for Supernatural? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…