Now I know that I am not the usual person who writes on Supernatural for TGON. WE MISS YOU MEG! So, I won’t have my colleague’s same voice but I love Supernatural too. I promise to do my best for you guys. Let’s jump into these episodes.

The episode names are:

S15E1: “Back And To The Future”

S15E2: “Raising Hell”

S15E3: “The Rapture”

S15E4: “Atomic Monsters”

S15E5: “Proverbs 17:3”

S15E6: “Golden Time”

S15E7: “Last Call”

S15E8: “Our Father, Who Aren’t In Heaven”

If you remember the end of Season 14, Jack was killed by God, aka Chuck, and Dean and Sam figured out that Chuck uses them for his amusement. After Chuck killed Jack, Sam shot him which pissed off Chuck. They are not happy but Chuck left them with souls from Hell that returned to Earth.

In episode one, Jack’s body is up and at it again. Unfortunately, it isn’t Jack. It is a demon named Belphegor. The demon is able to get them out and Dean, Sam, and Cas must contain the souls. Jack/ knows a spell to help with that. It seems as though the spirits released from Hell were ones that Sam and Dean have sent to Hell. Even their woman in white from the first episode is here.

In episode two, Everyone is still at the high school and everyone is restless. Sam is trying to keep everyone calm. OMG Everyone is coming back. Even Rowena and Ketch are back. Dean is struggling with knowing that Chuck has been screwing with them from the beginning. The spirits are trying to figure out a way to get out and the gang is trying to figure out how to permanently cage them. Holy Crap even Kevin showed up. He was actually in Hell instead of Heaven like Chuck promised. Chuck went to see Amara. Amara caught on that he isn’t whole and is afraid. So Amara left Chuck and he can’t stop her.

In episode three, the gang is still trying to stem the plug of souls leaving Hell. Cas, Sam, Dean, and Belphegor are all protecting Rowena so she can try to put a permanently closed door on Hell. Rowena started the spell but during it figured out that no magic on Earth can shore up the door. Belphegor figured out it is a tear, not a door which told him what needs to be done. Ketch was carted off to the hospital in the last episode but was killed off by a demon at the hospital. I have had a feeling that Belphegor isn’t being truthful with the gang. He is way too helpful. Cas goes into Hell with Belphegor and Sam stays in the crypt with Rowena to do the spell and Dean is holding the bomb by the tear. To finish the spell to heal said tear, Rowena must die. Cas moves on from Sam and Dean. This was an extremely sad episode.

In episode four, Dean looks incredibly different with facial hair. He is fighting in the bunker which is all lit up red. Sam is the bad guy. Turns out to be a dream. Sam and Dean find a job where female school students are coming up missing and dead. Vampires might be involved as there is a fang found. Chuck goes to see Becky, the actual Chuck the prophet’s biggest fan. She isn’t exactly happy to see him. She does tell him however to write. She doesn’t know Chuck is God. Chuck decides to take over her computer and write. Sam and Dean must kill a teenage vampire. He has literally turned a month or so ago and he was a teenager. God has lost it. Chuck has lost it.

In episode five, three women on a camping trip get killed. Dean eats ghost pepper jerky. Sam’s nightmares are continuing. The case is going unbelievably easy. They found the werewolves with no trouble after one of the three women actually survives. Lilith is back. Lilith reveals that Chuck is still pulling strings. They thought they were done with him. Now they must fight God.

In episode six, Cas is looking to re-up on supplies for fishing and hears about a boy’s death. Someone breaks into Rowena’s place but dies before she can leave. One of their past cases shows up again. Eileen. She was sent to Hell even as an innocent when a hellhound killed her in her episode. Sam went to Rowena’s place to find a crystal to make a place for a type of prison to hold her outside of Hell. A duo of witches stops him from getting what he needs for the spell so that they can have Rowena’s belongings for themselves. It would have been a trio but the third is dead in the apartment. The case that Cas is wrapped up pretty easy all things considered but he decides to get back in the game.

In episode seven, Dean goes to Texhoma to work on a case. The girl that is missing, her blood is being fed to a creature of some type. Sam stays home with Eileen who was brought back to life in the last episode. Cas returns to help. Cas thinks that the wound Sam has is connected to Chuck but as Cas probed it, it blew Sam up and back. Dean found one of his friends in Texhoma, Lane. The wound Sam got when he shot Chuck is killing him. It is stretching his soul. The bad guy in this episode is Dean’s friend. Sam thinks they can beat God.

In episode eight, God, well Chuck, is playing the slots in Vegas. Everyone around him except one waitress is dead. Sam, Dean, and Cas think the way to beat God is in the demon tablet. They get Donatello and Chuck takes him over giving them all an ultimatum. Drop it, or people you live will die. The guys go to hell. A huge surprise, Rowena is Queen. Adam is back and that means Michael is too. The guys need Michael to find out what Chuck is afraid of. Cas prays to Michael. Michael answers and three of them capture him and reveal the truth to him.

This is far from over. I am sad knowing this era is over. What will we do without the Winchesters? I really hate Chuck. Why can’t he give a crap? Why does he hate Sam and Dean so much? What are your thoughts and feelings? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…