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Season one opens with Katy getting dropped of by the Hockey players Jonsie and Reilly and they verbally spar though Jonsie and Reilly are completely unarmed. Katy introduces Wayne to Tinder and Daryl invites Wayne to church to help him over his break up with Angie.

Gail is the bartender and owner of Modean’s. She is quite the horny character. When she offers Wayne sex he takes up Daryl on church. Church is an awkward affair that send Wayne outside quickly. Wayne runs into the Skids who make fun of him for being on Tinder because it used to Grindr and Wayne is now looking for dudes according to the Skids. After church Wayne goes back to Modean’s. That was a mistake. For Troy too. Troy is Angie’s new boy toy. Wayne reclaims who he is.

Daryl’s super soft birthday party is great. It’s a “girly” drinks and unicorns and Daryl doesn’t want his Super soft birthday party but Wayne and Katy aren’t having it because you “don’t fuck with tradition”.

Wayne, now that he is fighting again, is re-establishing his title as the toughest man in Letterkenny. He has taken down Sled Ted, next is Rat Ass who is just weird. The next up is Joint Boy who is out of prison. At the actual birthday party there are crowns and boas (the feathered kind), cup cake decorating and dressed up horses and Wayne’s last fight. Daryl and Squirrelly Dan figured out the party is really for Wayne and Katy but are ok with it.

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Then comes Fartbook. Yes you read that right. Fartbook. The Hicks call the Skids for help. There is already something kind of going on with Katy and Stewart. Not sure what yet. They get it up and going and and are getting on Gail about her farts and she runs off saying some weird stuff but that is typical Gail. Katy is talked to. The Hick’s and the Skid’s don’t think her cats’ farts are ok to be on there. Then the Hockey players crawl up her but, pun intended, because she hasn’t liked their farts.

Next up is Glen from the Christian’s. He has not contributed to Fartbook but creeps around it. Fartbook lasted about 3 days. Then Stewart and Devon come rushing to Wayne, Dan and Daryl to let them know Glen stole Fartbook. Glen defends his claim.

Gail makes a bet with Squirrelly Dan and Daryl that the first one to score some tail gets $50 off their bar tab. Wayne declines. Jonesy and Reilly finally figure out they aren’t playing hockey, just sitting on the bench. Wayne was gonna score for a second time but saw Angie’s name and turned around and left.

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Wayne was the only one to get any play and refused the $50 Gail offered him as well as the offer of sex so the bet died. Jonesy and Reilly asked Katy not to come to games anymore because she is distracting.

Glen calls Wayne and Daryl to get a possum out of the church. Daryl gets bit and appears pretty sick. Katy takes him to the clinic while Reilly and Jonesy go to an away game. Stewart decides after seeing Katy at the clinic that he is throwing a week long rave. Which cancels the jamboree, which in turn pisses off Wayne because Ag Halls are for Country Music. Daryl says to Wayne that he wants to open a pest control business. So Wayne helps to break up the rave with pests. The Skids need Stewart but Steward is all about the rave so they too sabotage the rave.

Tanis and the Natives find out the Skids have been ripping them off. The Hockey Players find out their team is on meth and blame the Skids. Someone burns down the Hick’s fruit stand and they blame the Skids. Every one surrounds the Skids. The Natives and the Hockey Players. Tanis throws down her threats and turns around and steps into the Hick’s. They bail out the Skid’s just to get the Native’s out of Letterkenny. Tanis then runs her mouth a little too much and Katy cunt punts Tanis. Bringing the town together.

Best quotes from Season One:

It’s a hard life picking stones and pulling teats but sure as God’s got sandals it beats fightin’ dudes with treasure trails.

Wish you weren’t so awkward bud

Pitter Patter Let’s get at her.

Does a duck with a boner drag weeds?

Give your balls a tug you tit fucker!

You left the barn door open after chores one time and your dad thought you were stoned but you haven’t smoked the electric lettuce since grade eight.

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