I will admit, I don’t believe that the latest episode of The Owl House, “For the Future,” is as good as the previous one, but I did still enjoy it. There were a lot of very great character moments, Willow finally gets more of a spotlight, we get more lore, and we get to see King, Eda and many other members of the crew again. However, there were a few times where the show lost my interest, and where the pacing felt either too fast or too slow.

Starting with the positives though, Hunter getting new powers curtesy of Flapjack, and, Luz finally getting her Palisman were certainly my two favorite scenes in the episode. They’re both surrounded by great moments, being Willow finally opening about her stress, and luz and Camila having a heart-to-heart respectively. I also love the beginning. The fact that we start the episode right after the ending of season two, and so get to see what happened immediately after was a great idea. I also love all the lore, even if I to watch YouTube videos to get it all because I’m blind. It was very interesting and I love the way they implimented it into the series without boggling the episode down with exposition. Paintings in the background is always fun.

The issue with the pacing is particularly in the middle. A lot of the Hexside section lost my interest, with, in my opinion, the parts with Boscha going on a bit too long, and the later fight with Kikimura not being very exciting compared to past fights in the show. There were parts of these sections I enjoyed, such as Amity reuniting with Edric and emera, or Willow finding the pictures on the wall, and, one, trying to hold in her feelings, and later showing the picture of Flapjack and Hunter to Hunter, leading to a very heart-renching moment.

There is also the fact, though I love the reveal of Hunter’s powers and the proceeding scene with Luz’s Palisman beginning to hatch, I think they would have both benefited from more time. I don’t know if something between them would have helped, or just slowing down one or both of the scenes, but slowing them down a bit, I think, would have made them a bit better. It would’ve given the viewer more time to sit in the moment with them. However, if the writers have more slow moments, particularly with these characters, it might change my opinion on these scenes. They are still very touching all being said.

All things considered, “For the Future,” is a very good episode, especially for how much they had to fit into just 40 minutes. It may seem like a lot of time, but, when you consider that this is the menultimate episode, it’s quite good. There are moments I LOVE and that I’ve been waiting literal months to see. In regards to those, the writers did not disappoint. For me, with how awesome those scenes were, Because of those, I can look past the flaws of this episode. Although I think the pevious episode is better, I’d still rewatch this one as well, as it is also fun and enteraining to watch.