I love mythology, cool art, and RPGs, so it makes sense that I’d play anything with one of these factors. But a game that has all three? Well, let me tell you about Dislyte.

Released in 2022, Dislyte is a mobile RPG that engages players with its various gameplay modes, music, art style, and stories that revolve around a wide array of characters based on mythological figures.

Dislyte World Lore

Dislyte is set in a modernized world where the opening of Pandora’s Box led to monsters being set loose in the world. For those familiar with Pandora’s Box, many know the only thing left in Pandora’s Box was hope. Hope, in this world, is known as The Miracle.

The Miracle turned the world on its head by opening up connections between people and mythological figures. People blessed by The Miracle are known as espers. Each esper has powers based on a mythological figure. These figures come from pantheons all over the world.  For mythology enthusiasts, this is the opportunity to see and learn about lesser-known figures.

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Game Modes 

Dislyte has a variety of game modes. I’d probably argue too many. If players space out their time, the game becomes enjoyable.

The general story mode follows Brynn in her journey to save her friend by becoming a member of the Esper Union, an organization set on protecting humanity from monsters and espers who use their powers for evil. This game mode spawns through 10 levels and three difficulties.

There is a rhythm component where players go through character tracks to learn more about other characters in the game. Much like any RPG, characters need to level and have some sort of armor. Players must defeat various monsters to farm character leveling and building materials. There are also various solo battle modes where players can earn points to buy items in-game. All of these modes require players to think about their teams, builds, and synergy to make sure they come out on top every time. 

Whenever new characters release, a limited event revolving around that character also appears. These events allow players to learn about the new character and their role in the world of Dislyte. 

Multi-Player Modes

For those who enjoy multiplayer games, the option to play with and against your friends is available. Through clubs, you can team up with your friends and fight against other clubs on a weekly basis. If you’re more into solo fighting, arenas and duels offer players the chance to fight against other teams in real-time. However, if you’re more of a solo player, you don’t have to engage with these modes.

Dislyte Art Style 

Compared to many of the refined art styles in popular video games nowadays, Dislyte takes influences from streetwear, vaporwave, and other elements of future funk to reflect each character’s style. This leads to a very bright, futuristic vibe that keeps fans interested as to how the art team is going to implement darker mythological figures to match the game’s overall fun and funky aesthetic. 

If you’re a fan of mythology, strategic gameplay, and fun art, Dislyte may be the game for you. It’s currently available for free on Google Play and the App store.