There was a portion of my life where I did quite a bit of traveling for my spouse’s job. This is when we came together and listened to D&D podcasts. However, now that we are homebound, we have not continued the practice, opting for games we can watch rather than listen to. Therefore, I am not current with what the Adventure: Zone is doing. Regardless, I believe Dimension 20: Tiny Heist is still one of my favorite side quests in the series.

Tiny Heist
Source: Dimension 20

The Players

Below I have shared a table of each player and their character choices.

Brennan Lee MulliganGame MasterEvery
Clint McElroyBoomer ColeopteraFighter
Griffin McElroyBeanWay of Shadow Monk
Jessica RossAgnesBard
Justin McElroyRick DigginsMastermind Rogue
Lily DuTI-83Artillerist Artificer
Travis McElroyCar-Go JonesInquisitive Rogue
This table shows the players, roles, and character classes.

Tiny Heist Story

Tiny Heist begins at the end of summer in a typical all-American neighborhood. First, we are painted a picture of Dylan, a sweet six-year-old boy. Then, we learn of his deadly peanut allergy and his overactive imagination. Finally, he grabs a snack from the kitchen and tells his mom he will find the “widdle” people and “faiwies.” Of course, his mom brushed him off, but this street, Thimble Lane, holds a special secret. It contains Bittyfolk, fairies, mice, bugs, and talking toys. As the players explore Mulligan’s tiny world, plenty of goofs and mishaps will make any viewer laugh.


Rick Diggins, Man About Town, is my favorite NPC in the Dimension 20 side quest universe. Diggins-saurus Rick is a close second. Justin McElroy killed it with this character and nearly brought me to tears of laughter. Although I will admit, this season has had a bit of a slow start. At first, I was not jiving with the table’s vibe; it felt less “homey” than other side quests. However, it grew on me after the players began working as a team unit. Overall, I would happily watch it again and encourage others to give it a try.

Odds and Ends

If you want to check out Dimension 20: Tiny Heist, it is available on YouTube and DropOut. For more D&D content, I would recommend Dimension 20: Starstruck Odyssey. Ultimately, I would love more D&D recommendations in the comments!