Nia discovers her abilities in this episode. I’ve been waiting for ages to discover just what powers Nia Nall possess. It seems to be that her nightmares aren’t just nightmares – they’re premonitions of what’s to come. She seems a blurry figure screaming for help, and a giant hook rocking back and forth behind her. The exhausted young reporter flinches at the sight of Agent Liberty at CatCo, practically dropping her coffees when she sees him on the television.

Brainy knows about Nia Nall’s future. He almost lets this information slip but refuses on the ground that he can’t risk affecting the future. Nia Nall could help lead them to Agent Liberty.

The President is concerned more for polls than the important work that the DEO is doing protecting National City’s citizens. Director Danvers almost speaks out of turn, but the Colonel stops her. I’d hate to be in

J’onn J’ones uses Manchester’s brass knuckles to track Manchester, who’s dropped by Ben Lockwood’s home. His motives aren’t true, as he threatens Ben’s wife in order to stay longer and get more information out of the Lockwoods.

Nia is from Naltor. When Kara stops to visit, she reveals that she possesses a genetic oneiromancy. She can dream the future. But the pieces are scrambled, and Nia doesn’t know what to make of them.

Kara tells her that Brainy can help, and he assisted Nia in diving into her dreams. He also tries to be casual around her, falling over as he leans against the counter. Once again, Nia sees the shadow, the woman, and the hook. Kara, Nia, and Brainy travel around the city to see if Nia’s predictions can be found in daylight.


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Manchester reveals to Ben and his wife that Ben Lockwood is actually Agent Liberty. Without concrete proof (the Agent Liberty suit), all Manchester has now is a vendetta and someone to threaten.

“Look Nia, the craft store. Have you been introduced to the magic of lanyards?”

Brainy distracts Nia. With Agents of Liberty standing in the distance, as Kara attempts to tell them that she’s looking for her birth father. She’s kidnapped, and Nia and Brainy are also taken when trying to rescue her.

Collinwood has a Lockwood Family Steel plant, where everyone is taken. Nia is able to escape her cuffs when her powers allow her a split second of premonition as bullets fly towards Kara, Brainy and herself. Smoke echoes across space as Kara and Brainy grapple with the Agents, knocking them all unconscious.

Kara calls Alex to alert her that Ben Lockwood may be Agent Liberty. Director Danvers questions her captured Agent of Liberty seen at the top of the episode. He tries to deny knowing Agent Liberty’s identity until Alex tells him his deal is off the table. She gets all the confirmation she needs from him and tells Kara her suspicions were correct.

Manchester is on a warpath, fighting with Ben Lockwood, now clad in his Agent Liberty attire. J’onn attempts to stop him with his psychic abilities, but Manchester relents. J’onn isn’t willing to kill him, and Manchester breaks the link. His grief seems to create so much rage that it’s impossible to pull the man back from getting justice and turning into his own darkness. He’s a dangerous individual.

Kara flies to the Lockwood residence, hoping to break things up before Ben or anyone else are badly injured. She finds the house empty as Manchester brings Ben and his wife to the Lockwood steel plant we saw previously. The dream Nia has played out, only this time, Manchester is the one attempting to kill Agent Liberty, as Ben’s wife begs him to stop. Ben knocks Manchester down with a hook, holding a gun to the man’s face when he’s down.

Supergirl is stymied by the Nth metal poured from a nearby machine. She can’t stop things by escaping, so instead Kara pushes through the material, flying up to send the entire building up into the sky, and crashing down, preventing Ben from killing Manchester.

Manchester is miffed that he was unsuccessful. Ben and Manchester are arrested following the conflict. Lockwood makes a fuss, shouting in front of the press.

“What about Supergirl huh? You know who I am, who is she?”

J’onn visits Manchester in his cell, disappointed by Manchester’s unspeakable actions. He still hopes the man can change his ways for the better.

Kara flies back to the DEO, greeted by the Colonel, Director Danvers, and President Baker. He’s insisting full transparency. They need to know Supergirl’s secret identity. Kara refuses to comply with this, for fear of risking the safety of her family and friends.

President Baker wants Kara to put country first. He believes she’s not above the law. Kara still insists on protecting her identity and is dismissed from her position at the DEO. Alex is crushed by this development, trying to tell Kara the government will come around. Kara reminds her to protect the DEO and it’s morals, despite the government taking over.

Agent Liberty is seen as a human rights activist, as he’s taken into custody. Supergirl flies above, seeming conflicted, as protesters are seen upset by Ben’s arrest.

A promo for the upcoming Elseworlds crossover event is shown at the episode’s conclusion. Look out for the 3-part series to air starting Sunday at 8/7central on the CW.