Reality T.V. is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s like watching a train wreck and being unable to look away. Whether it’s romance, documentary, or competition based – I love it all! I get to watch the messy situations people put themselves in all for the sake of notoriety and money, which typically results in a lot of laughter and cringe moments.

In the list below is a compilation of the top 6 reality shows you can find HULU. There is a good range of genres that just about anyone would enjoy that I include in this list. So grab a snack and a tissue ready for your tears of laughter, and indulge in some reality T.V.

90 Day Fiancé

Imagine being given only 90 days to marry someone you’ve never met from abroad. No? I can’t either! But luckily, other people have, and this show documents the couple’s process of obtaining the K-1 Visa and getting married before the 90 days are up. Conflict in the couples’ relationships arises when they physically meet each other for the first time and realize all of the things they don’t like about each other.

Drama ensues when couples face dilemmas with the visa process, family drama, financial insecurities, and plain incompatibility – which makes for great reality T.V. We get to watch all the drama unfold and find out if they make it to “I do” as their relationships are put to the test.

Shark Tank

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The Shark Tank is the place entrepreneurs go seeking an investment from a “shark,” aka an “investor,” to fund and gain assistance for their business. What makes this show so entertaining and tense is getting to prejudge whether or not the “sharks’ ‘ will choose to invest in someone’s business or not. Shark Tank has been around for a whopping 14 seasons, and there’s a reason why – the sales pitching.

Some sales pitches are funny, and others are not, but that’s the beauty of the show – its unpredictability. You never know what kind of entrepreneur will talk through the doors of the shark tank, the type of business they will have, and their outcome of being able to secure an investment. There have been times when I thought a certain company would not get a single investment from any of the sharks, and one of the sharks takes a surprising risk.

Shark Tank is not only entertaining, but it’s also educational, and if entrepreneurship interests you, you can get some valuable insight from America’s most successful entrepreneurs.


Have an internet friend you fell in love with and want to see if they’re real? Email Max your story for him to investigate so he can find that you’ve been talking to your middle school bully instead. No, but seriously this show is actually hilarious but devastating at the same time. People who have invested years, time, and money towards someone they thought they loved just to find out they aren’t real are heartbreaking. But the question is, who’s still getting catfished in 2023? You should know better.

Max and a celebrity guest investigate user profiles to determine their authenticity. From there, the adventure starts, and they set up a place for the victims to meet who they’ve really been talking to – drama unfolds, and the plot thickens.

Married At First Sight

In this romance-based reality show, willing participants face the challenge of walking down the aisle and saying “I do” to a complete stranger. But the challenge isn’t marrying them, it’s staying married to them upon getting to know them.

Follow the series of couples who embark on this unhinged journey to find love, some do, and others don’t. This show will definitely have you laughing and in shock when you find out who decides to stay married.

Master Chef

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Hungry? Well, don’t watch this show if you are because you’ll mistake your remote for a burrito. Master Chef – hosted by no other than Chef Gordon Ramsay- is a culinary competition where each contestant has only 45 minutes to impress the judges to win a large cash prize and a boost in their culinary career.

The flames in the kitchen, the frantic running around, and the cooking mishaps all add to the intensity of this competition, and you’ll love every minute of it. Not only will you be entertained, but you will be jotting down recipes as well.

America’s Next Top Model

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Lastly, we have “America’s Next Top Model,” which has been around since 2003 – whew, talk about a classic! If you’re into fashion and makeup, this show is for you. The famous supermodel Tyra Banks hosts and mentors a group of models, all competing to be “the next top model” for a chance to break into the modeling industry.

This show has all of the drama and glamor. Because of its 24 seasons, it’s the perfect show to watch casually when you’re in the mood for some nostalgic feels.

Reality T.V. is not for everyone, but it definitely can provide you with great entertainment and a sense of normalcy about your own life – seriously. So give one of these shows a go, and let me know what you think about it below!