The season starts off in a mess, a man we can’t see is all covered up, has a gas mask and a machine to read radiation levels. He kills a walker and digs through the trashed backpack and finds some canned food but it has to much radiation. He looks over and sees a possum that is half eaten laying on the ground. He passes some walkers and some burning trees until he gets to a van in an underpass that he has been staying in. That night he hears something and looks out his van to see some walkers, shortly after some people come up and the man hides in the van. In the morning the man gets out and sees the walkers are all still alive but stripped of any clothes or supplies they had.

Gus Halper as Will – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

The man is searching again and he finds a lighthouse, at the top level is one walker to deal with, all the supplies are gone. He seems defeated and goes back to the start and gets that half eaten possum. At night he is cooking it and crying at his current situation, a walker comes up from behind and he doesn’t seem to want to fight it off when it’s shot in the head by one of three newcomers who then take a picture of the man. They take the man back to there base, wherever that might be, and clean him and take him to the leader. He locks them out and tries to escape but he is not on the ground level and Victor gets him at gunpoint. Victor and his associate just want to talk to the man and give him some pasta, you could see he instantly lowered his defense after the pasta. He answers some questions, we learn his name is Will, he used to be a Senators aide, he was holed up in a bunker to keep everyone safe from the blast. Something happened and now he is on the outside.

After the tour Victor is not impressed by Will and is planning to kick him out but Will offers to give him a gift, a necklace. Victor sees the necklace and wants Will to show him where and who he got the necklace from and in return he will allow him to stay at the tower. Will, Victor and a couple of his soldiers head out with Will. In the woods the rain starts kicking up and will stir up the toxins in the air and he tells everyone to follow him as they won’t have time to make it to the tower. At Will’s spot Victor tells Will he has all he needs where he is at, but Will drops he is out looking for her. Though he never said it was a her, Victor has the soldiers surround Will.

The group that Will refers to as Stalkers approach, Will gets shot, one of the Stalkers is also shot. The soldiers die from behind from walkers because they are useless and stupid to be perfectly honest. Victor and Will hide out in the van for awhile. After looking through Will’s supplies he realizes that Alicia is at the bunker that Teddy took her too originally and leaves Will. Victor comes up on the light tower and Will catches up shortly after. Will thought if he brought Victor to Alicia he would get back in her good graces but realizes that everyone is better off without Victor so he opens the door to let walkers in, but Will realizes the walkers as people from the bunker. Something bad must have happened and now they both are worried about Alicia.

Gus Halper as Will, Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Will gets the light working with some gas and cranking up the light and tells Victor to go out and use the light to see the walkers he is killing, to also get a chance to see if one was Alicia. The generator dies and in turn the light goes out so Will goes out to fight walkers to try to find Victor. After clearing that they head to the bunker, it is abandoned, and appears to have been for awhile. Will says at one point the bunker had 128 people in it, Teddy’s soldiers came in and killed everyone but he survived as he was away doing maintenance. Everyone is gone but nothing is missing so they can’t figure out what happened. A note was left on the podium for Will and all it said was “PADRE”.

Victor tries to pick Will’s brain if he has an idea of what it could mean, he doesn’t seem to have an idea of what it could be. Victor realizes that Will loved Alicia, with no leads they head to the lighthouse to get the light and uses walkers to carry the light back to the tower via a wagon. Victor has the light set up on top of his tower. He thinks he shouldn’t have gone out at all and he should follow his instincts, he wants the light to keep walkers around the tower as a buffer and to keep everyone else, including Alicia out. He throws Will over the edge to his death as he feels he has no use for him.