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We open to Lois and Peter at the His & Hers Cafe. It is absolutely ridiculous. It is half feminine and half masculine. Brian sits down to write, and as he does, construction starts. The workers are weird as hell. Stewie is having an incredible tree house built.

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Lois is complaining to her girlfriends that Peter doesn’t go to a land down under, so Bonnie suggests a sex therapist. Lois takes the advice, and Peter is hypnotized to help him satisfy her. His trigger words are ‘extra extra’ from the entertainment news shows. Stewie’s tree house is incredible. Stewie invites Brian and Chris to see his place.

Brian and Chris act impressed but talk crap after they leave, and Stewie can hear it. The hypnosis works wonderfully. Lois gets a lot of satisfaction from Peter and plays the song frequently. The kids are thankfully clueless. Stewie shows off his place. I wish I had a tree house like that. Brian and Chris tell him the place is “dope,” but then they talk crap about it, and Stewie changes the look of his place.

Lois and Peter go to dinner at Lois’s parent’s house. Babs is in bed because of her back. Peter takes a plate to her while she is watching entertainment news shows on TV. After Stewie shows Chris and Brian the updated look of his place, when they say nice things about the place and then talk crap again, Stewie decides to teach them a lesson.

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What happens with Babs? I will tell you, I watched this episode with two of my kids, and they were completely grossed out. To tell the truth, so was I. What lesson does Stewie teach Chris and Brian? The episode was awful. Not bad awful, funny awful. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!