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We open to an anniversary pool party for Lois and Peter at Lois’s parent’s house. Lois and Peter look bored out of their skull. For their gift, they get a toy range rover that Carter thought was full size in the Sky Mall magazine. Lois goes to change out of her bathing suit, and Joe wheels into the bathroom while Lois is naked. Joe pops a tent and races out of there.

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Connie comes over the next day to chat and tells Lois she had had great sex with Joe the night before. Chris gets caught after Connie leaves with his face in the chair she is sitting in. How did neither Lois nor Connie not notice him? He isn’t a small guy. As a bit of justice, Peter sits on his face. Stewie loves his new car.

Later Lois catches Joe staring out of the window, watching her take dirt off Stewie’s. Lois’s inner stripper comes out, and Joe has to go play with Bonnie right away. Feeling inspired, she decides to seduce her husband. Unfortunately, she got shot down so severely. Stewie ends up having to pick up Brian from the bar. Brian throws up all over Stewie’s car. Why is Stewie wearing rollers? He doesn’t have enough hair.

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Quagmire catches Lois “sunbathing” and tattles on her to Peter. Peter overreacts and helps Joe have a horrible day. Stewie is trying to get all the vomit out of his car with Chris’s help, but it is not going well. When Chris asks about having a car being a headache, Stewie tries to have enthusiasm for it but falls short of the mark.

Is Lois still playing pinup girl for Joe, or did Peter put an end to that? Does Stewie keep his car? Let me know your thoughts below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!

Source Seat42F