Flash is finally back tonight following its brief February hiatus with episode fourteen titled, “Subject 9”. When we last left the show, DeVoe had transferred his mind from Dominic into Bekcy Sharpe also known as, Hazard. Also Barry was released from prison after “DeVoe” was found alive — all thanks to Ralph realizing he can transform his body to look like anyone due to his plastic/stretch abilities, where he masqueraded as DeVoe. “Subject 9” now picks up with Barry investigating the case of powerful meta, The Fiddler. Elsewhere Ralph, after finding out that DeVoe is targeting any meta that was on the bus, doesn’t want to be a hero anymore. Meanwhile, Harry offers to help out Joe with something, most likely Cecile’s mind reading ability.

We’re near the finishing line of Season 4 and so far, a lot of the moving pieces are finally settling in on their groove and we’re seeing the bigger picture behind DeVoe’s meta absorption plot. My guess is that by seasons end, DeVoe will get Ralph and then finally target Barry and try to take over him and channel the SpeedForce which could lead to disastrous results…

But hey, that’s just my guess.

The Flash 4.11

Photo Source: cwtw.com