Fear the Walking Dead is about to get the fall season started, Fear the
Walking Dead is like the preseason, it’s happening a bit early and
getting everyone excited for the return of the Walking Dead which is the
regular season.

On the positive side, you can see
the improvement in the show as we see more promo’s for the upcoming
season(Link below). Last year they looked like an expansion team, rough,
bland, predictable, slow, but now that they have spread out the
characters and letting them go the show is starting to show more
storylines making it a deeper experience. With the main characters
spread out we in turn we get to see more characters and depth. The same
sort of comparison can be made with an expansion team in a sport, as
time goes on they make some adjustements and make slow and steady

Check out a behind the scenes video here!

Some of the items we see in this new video, doesn’t show anything really new in regards to Nick, we see him roaming my himself, he has some interaction with what looks like bandits, and ends up in a larger, seemingly religious, population with younger children around, yet they seem to sacrifice to the pack of dead. We see a little glimpse of psycho Chris and his dad Travis traveling on their own, and later sitting at a campfire with 3 other people. We get to see more with the group of four at the hotel. We do get to see some people who are staying in the hotel. We see Alicia finally getting a chance to be by herself, we also see that Ofelia is on the verge of suicide.

In the most interesting producer clip, if not fairly obvious, is that they mentioned that now people are more spread out and on their own, that some people will be able to rise to the occassion and others will not. At this stage I could see Ofelia buckling, and Alicia not battle ready enough to handle the situation. If Chris ends up seperated from Travis I can see Chris being foolish and it costs him.

Fall Preseason begins on Sunday August 21st on AMC when Fear the Walking Dead returns.