Before this part of the season hit, and after watching the previews something that happened in this episode was something I was looking forward to the most. Seeing it, it was interesting yes, but after seeing some of the next episodes I’m a little saddened that it hasn’t been touched on at all since. Only a handful of episodes to go so let’s get to it.

Pamela Milton wants vengeance, and the obvious fall guy she is looking for is Eugene. The entire town is looking for Eugene, and they are not leaving anything out including Mercer pulling in Rosita for questioning. Carol and Daryl has Eugene stashed at the church. Meanwhile, Max is brought into the police precinct and asked to sign a plea bargain, that is a big bold faced lie to protect herself and to put all of the blame on Eugene which she declines. Elsewhere in the Commonwealth, Pamela is playing mind games with Hornsby, she has an item and tells him if he can guess which (hand) it is in he will live, if not….. He does happen to guess correctly, and his reward is sharing a cell with Pamela’s walker son(chained up), and now he has to take care of the walker, with Pamela having a dead human brought in and as she leaves she tells Hornsby to, ‘feed my son.’ At the tail end of the episode, Eugene is informed that Max was detained and it’s to late to get her out with everyone else, he doesn’t want to leave so he makes the decision to turn himself in instead of running away and not knowing what his life would be. It is a very risky move, after he turns himself in and confesses and says it’s only himself he is thrown in jail. The last part of the episode is Rosita packing up to leave and is attacked and captured in her apartment.

Josh Hamilton as Lance Hornsby, Teo Rapp-Olsson as Sebastian, Laila Robins as Pamela Milton – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 19 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The main event portion of the episode for this and going forward takes place with Aaron’s group, who were taking supplies back to the communities and they came up on a horde. The group tries to move the supplies cart around and during it Jerry hurts his knee pretty badly. With this the group looks to hold up somewhere to hopefully wait out the horde, and if nothing else to get a chance to tend to Jerry’s knee. Luckily Aaron sees what appears to be a leisure resort and the group makes it that direction. It has some walls, some buildings, and lots of open areas inside. For the night Aaron and Lydia offer to be on watch, at one point we hear some noise in the distance. They brush it away as maybe the wind, but then a few seconds after that we hear more loud sounds that is absolutely not wind. The pair head in the direction to see a slew of walkers, they try to fight them off, but one walker in particular is able to grab a hold of Lydia’s weapon while she is swinging. With them over matched they run to the others to wake them up. Everyone is fighting walkers off and go into the nearest building.

Cooper Andrews as Jerry – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 19 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Inside the building they catch their breath when the knob starts to turn on the door and the door opens, scaring everyone. Jerry jumps and holds the door shut, while Aaron urges Elijah and Lydia to head to the roof, after they climb up Jerry is next, followed by Aaron. Aaron thinks Whisperers are inside the herd so he thinks that Elijah and Lydia should hop off one side of the building and he will on the other and they will work together on different sides of the herd to eliminate the Whisperers. After the two jump down on one side, we see a walker climb up to the second level, and pick up a rock all the while Jerry keeps saying dude, dude, dude. Aaron goes to protect Jerry, gets the walker on the ground and pulls off his face, and he was shocked thinking it was a Whisperer. After the shock he pikes the walker in the head. Jerry and Aaron are stunned at what they just saw. The next morning all of the walkers are put down, Jerry asks Aaron what he thinks the walker was, was it an aberration? Aaron replies that the walkers have roamers, and lurkers, and he heard stories about walkers that could climb fences and open doors and thought they could have been stories. He says for all they know other walker types could be out there, though they hope not. This has to be a bigger story part for the Walking Dead world and other series going forward.