Nick and Troy are enjoying the weekend at the trade outpost, doing the drugs and drinking alcohol. Nick is doing work in exchange for his addiction, but it’s pretty wild, he is going out and chopping off the heads of walkers. The shop keep is cutting them open to get the what I presume is the brain stem. Apparently the Proctors enjoy the high that it gives, with the freshest turns giving the best one. The Proctors are in town and Troy goes to talk to them to get some insight and he finds out what they are up too. He rushes to Nick and tells him that it’s time to sober up his mom is in trouble.

Alicia and her companion are driving when they are side swiped. The men try to get the gun in the back, during the melee Alicia’s companion gets a broken leg, Alicia is able to get the gun and shoots warning shots in the air. Instead of killing she tells them to get out of there. Alicia later gets her to a makeshift hospital where Alicia helps with the procedure. She has to help work on the Proctor as part of the bargain.

At the dam, Madison and Strand are talking about history and the future, when Daniel tells Madison her son is here. The two guys are there to tell everyone about what htey heard about the Proctors. Nick wants them to leave, knowing how many people they have, along with guns and boats. Everyone talks about leaving, or opening the water up for everyone, or staying, it is decided to setup the C4 as a last second bargaining chip in case fighting off doesn’t work. Taaka and Crazy Horse decide to leave and head up north because they heard some of their people went that way when the infection first broke out.

Strand is nervous, he originally made a deal with the Proctors to essentially open the door so they can walk in and take over the dam. Now that they have been warned Daniel is going to fight back. He made a deal to keep the Clarke’s alive, but with the push back he asks them to leave for their safety. Naturally they decline, Daniel interrogates Nick about what happened to Ofelia, Daniel was sure Troy was at fault, but Nick was able to convince him it was actually Jake was at fault after he found out that Nick killed his father. Daniel ends up believing him and lets him go find his mother, who is with Troy setting up the C4, trying to get peace with each other. Nick comes and tells Madison she needs to leave, but Troy can’t because Daniel will kill him. Troy explains it’s because he led the walkers to the ranch and he would do it again, Madison has had enough and clocks him in the head twice with a hammer seemingly killing him. Madison grabs the C4 switch and leaves.

Eddie, who worked on Alicia’s friend has to work on Proctor John with Alicia’s help. If the tumor removal on his spine is successful they can live and go to Texas with the group. If not the brothers are told to kill both of them. Luckily the surgery worked for Proctor John. The Proctors are ready to invade the dam and keep up on their expansion plans, Strand tried to direct the water and create a diversion, he goes to the control room with Daniel and tries to shoot Lola so the Proctors can have access, but Daniel gets in the middle of it and ends up getting a gunshot graze to the face. Proctors invade with the numbers, they are easily able to pick off the people from the dam fighting back with some casualties. Strand tracks down Madison and Nick and locks them in a room while taking the detonator.

Proctor John arrives and wants an account of the events and what went wrong and tells Strand he needs to be very persuasive. 12 of the group has died, Alicia and Strand talk quietly about where her family is and if they are safe. John does notice the exchange and alone with her while she is cleaning his wounds a short time after he asks how they know each other. She tells him the truth, how he saved them from Los Angeles and her mother is here, and asks if she can be spared.

Strand tries to get them out of the dam, he tells Nick and Madison to put on some uniforms and he will walk them out right under everyone’s nose. Lola comes to the top of the dam with a gun blazing and kills some more Proctors until she is shot by John, the gig is up for Strand and the Clarke family with this. John says enough is enough, he is going to kill Nick followed by Alicia ending with Madison. During a final round of goodbyes, Nick pickpockets the C4 detonator from Strand. Strand tries to use the C4 as a bargaining chip until he realizes it isn’t there. Nick reveals he has it.

He sets his terms, Madison, Alicia are able to leave on the boat, with Strand who has to protect them. John says it’s OK they can go because they can just find Srand again. Daniel is up and running again, he is able to kill 3 of the Proctors and heads up top. John says that Nick might not have thought it through and if he doesn’t wait long enough that his family won’t get away from the blast in time. The Proctors start closing in when one gets his head blown off. Taaka and Crazy Horse stayed behind to keep an eye on things and Crazy Horse is laying fire with his rifle. Once the Proctors get things a little more in control Daniel arrives from the side and picks off more that are fleeing. With little time left as John isn’t playing any more games, Nick blows the dam! Things happen fast, John flees, Daniel grabs Nick to try to escape, Taaka and Crazy Horse pack up and head north, and Madison, Strand and Alicia get pulled into the water, and after a weird flash back from Madison, we see her, and only her washed up on shore.