Critics have been harsh on the shows over use of flashbacks and unhinged beginnings, and we’ve disagreed with them vehemently, but we can’t pretend they don’t have a point while also missing the entire point?

We’ve had 2 episodes with basically no movement in present day plot, but we would be incredibly disappointed if the show’s creators had explained all lf this away and never shown us any of these scenes. Sure, the story telling feels more akin to a novel and it’s a questionable decision for television, but the show has been heavily experimenting with more dynamic storytelling techniques and plot structures for multiple seasons now, so if you’re shocked maybe go watch something more linear?

This show never pretended to be an action franchise, and while this season has had a weird level of lacking suspense — if you thought it was going to be magic-slinging showdown against the Antichrist and not a slow reveal of all the items in the middle you made a choice to be disappointed before the season started. However, if you’re like us and are enjoying the revelations (pun intended) then you’re in for a treat, because it only gets better from here as we get to go back to Murder House in the coming episodes, so prepare for flashbacks in your flashbacks!

Ahs apocalyspse seven wonders

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX


Now for a quick rundown of the episode, which followed the Coven as they put Michael through the Seven Wonders. The rate he flew through the tasks was impressive, even if expected. The final task, descensum, was something he’d technically already successfully done to save Madison, but since (i assume this reason) they don’t truly know he did it alone and it has to be observed. Okay, that’s fine and Cordelia sends him on a quest to bring back Misty Day. That’s where our favorite part happens, but it isn’t revealed until a flashback from Misty as she’s agreeing with Cordelia as they analyze Michael’s sinister qualities. When he rescued her from her personal hell classroom, the demonic presences in her hell’s eyes rolled back and they made an indescribable chatter, communicating with Michael’s evil resonance. It was spooky and we liked it.

Honorable mention to the Stevie Nicks cameo, but the warlocks deserve a shout out too– for a vicious murder, and a potential traitor, or at least a glimmering hope of someone with sense still alive as Behold and Madison visit the Murder House on recommendation of Cordelia to explore Michael Langden’s past.

Ahs apocalypse myrder house

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

We want credit for not making a Michael=hurricane pun or reference, and we want the payment to be a furthered current story line, and the explanation of why it seems like Michael’s rise is draining Cordelia but then we know she’s still functioning as Supreme in the present day! We want answers! Even if we don’t get them in the next episode, Sarah Paulson directed and Jessica Lange is BACK for episode 6 on October 17th!