We open to Maggie getting attacked. Fortunately, it’s by Jordan so she can learn self-defense. Jordan wants her to know this because of Parker. It looks like Maggie is getting new powers or the old ones are advancing. While talking to Mel, Maggie gets a premonition of Dark Harry. Macy is working on moving stuff with her mind with Harry. When Maggie and Mel get a lead, Macy is unwilling to go so she gets to play tour guide in Maggie’s stead. She actually bites the head off of the new investor Julian Shea. Maggie, Mel, and Harry go and check on the lead at no-tell motel and find the girl’s dad.

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Mr. Vera tells his daughter’s that he is a thief. When they search through his bag they find the object they are looking for. Harry zaps them out of the room quickly when a man in a black hat is coming towards them. Macy is getting sucked into what Mr. Shea is saying. It’s a good thing she is there. The command center is in jeopardy.

Macy decides to take Julian out dinner as he on the way out the door. She dashes home to change and make a potion. She makes an influencing potion but it turns out she doesn’t need it. Ray Vera is an insensitive mule. He learns that magick is real and the girls make the house visible again by accident. All Ray could see was dollar signs. While Mel and Harry go see what they can do about the house being visible, Maggie must stay with her father much to her dismay. On the plus side, they find out what’s going on. The bad part? Furies.

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Do the Furies come? Does everyone survive? Does Ray stay? Who of you are fans of the old show and do you like the similarities this incarnation has with it’s first? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…