We begin with images detached in time; 1986 and 2019. 33 years separate them, yet somehow they are connected, somehow history is repeating itself. I am optimistic from the title of this episode that we are going to finally get some answers, maybe we will finally meet Noah, maybe we will be able to get Mikkel back home, maybe we will begin to understand what is linking these to times…

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Straight away it is confirmed that Yasin has been pronounced missing and the people of Winden are beginning to take their frustrations out on the policing system. Possibly due to the stress of this or the looming fear of more children being abducted, Charlotte forcefully questions Elizabeth. “This guy, Noah. What does he look like?” A weeping Elizabeth describes Noah as tall, with a hat and blue eyes. Finally we are getting somewhere! But Charlotte isn’t finished there, oh no. She flat-out asks Peter where he was on the night of Mikkel’s disappearance, adding that she knows he wasn’t at the office with a photo of his car on CCTV.  Remember we asked in our last episode review whether perhaps Charlotte cared more about the case or her family… the answer is becoming more and more clear. Sadly this is what happens when work and family life collide, Charlotte is speaking to her family the way she talks to her fellow officers and in the case of Peter, a suspect. He is still a suspect in my eyes!

Meanwhile, Katharina opens her door to reveal a dampened Hannah holding a cooked meal, reluctantly, Kat invites her in. Ulrich clearly doesn’t seem very happy to see Hannah and can you blame him? The mistress and the wife sat next to each other, it can only spell out trouble. He explains that he needs to go to the station, quite obviously displaying his uncomfortable surprise to both his wife and Hannah, who then asks for a ride home. Something changes in Katharina’s face, something clicks as if all of the little indicating pieces she has been looking over finally slot together to make a complete picture. She tells Hannah that Ulrich will give her a lift and then, like a woman on a mission, Kat brings Hannah in for a hug, thanking her for the dinner and smells her, she raises her head and shoots Ulrich a knowing look that he doesn’t yet understand. Honestly, I can’t be alone in thinking that if she was the detective on this case it would have been cracked by now.

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At the station Ulrich discusses why he became a police officer. When his brother went missing they made every mistake. The lead detective was “a drunken idiot.” He wanted to be different, he wanted to prevent the same thing that happened to his family from happening to another. Yet, 33 years later history is repeating itself. Charlotte replies by asking him if he has ever heard of the cycle of 33 years.

   “Our calendars are wrong, a year isn’t 365 days long so we’re always a little out of sync       but every 33 years everything is just as it was; the stars, the planets, the whole                     universe returns to the exact same position. The lunar solar cycle […] when I was               young I always had a feeling something was wrong with Winden, I have the same               feeling again now, that everything is repeating, that this all happened before.”

And she makes a good point. Somehow, Ulrich has become everything he hated about Egon, even despite his intentions.

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We left last episode wanting to know more about the illusive figure of the faceless character they named Noah, and it seems as though Noah is bulldozing his way with full force into the plot of this episode as, shortly into it, Bartosz receives a call on the phone he found from an unknown number.

“Hello  Bartosz, my name is Noah.”

The two arrange to meet which Bartosz then tells Jonas while they are smoking and playing video games, shortly after aptly shouting; “Shoot him! It’s a trap!” Perhaps this is a foreshadowing omen of what’s to come?

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Back to the 80’s and a young Hannah meets Mikkel while waiting for her dad as he works. So, she can’t have Ulrich so she settles for his long-lost-time-travelling son… That some Freudian sh%t right there. Later that evening Hannah, once again waiting for her father, hears a noise coming from the school locker room and peers through a window to reveal Urich and Kath losing their virginity together. Can I just point out, what is it with this show and locker room sex? Two episodes in a row people!

Things aren’t so peachy between Ulrich and Kat in 2019, however. Ulrich goes home from the station and finds Kat somberly lying in Mikkel’s bed. “Are you cheating?” she very bluntly asks, giving Charlotte a run for her money in the straight talking department. Of course, Ulrich denies it. This episode should be called ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire’ because there is a lot of deceit going on here!

And to make matters even more interesting it flashes to a younger Hannah with her father driving home. Having just seem what she saw she says to her father; “What if you see something that you weren’t supposed to see?” She says. “When someone does things with someone else and it’s wrong.” Hannah then goes on to describe a scene of rape to her father and later, to the lead detective in Ulrich’s brother case, Egon, who, as we have seen from previous episodes, doesn’t really think fondly of Ulrich Nielsen.

Side note: I also want to point out how amazing cast this show is, each character really does have a great resemblance to their older or younger counterpart. 

Ulrich is promptly arrested.

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Meanwhile, in 2019, a car pulls up to Bart. The window rolls down and we see Noah in the backseat. At this point in the episode we have already seen Noah from his visit back to the 80’s to see Mikkel in hospital but that doesn’t mean we know anything more about him. 

Bart gets into the car, I guess no one ever told him about stranger danger…

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Jonas comes home to see the box on his bed. Of course, as any teenage boy would, he opens it. Inside there is a circular futuristic-looking light, some form of detection meter and an old note. “Do not open before November 4 10:13pm” is written on the front and we soon realise what this note is. It is Michael, Jonas’s father’s suicide note, but older. How? And how did our favourite creepy stranger have it? Is it the same note but from the future? Or the past? I have so many questions!

Jonas opens the note and reads it. Finally, after all the lies and deceit we finally get some form of truth from this episode and huge part of the puzzle is solved. Sit down. Are you ready for this?


Michael, Jonas’s dad IS Mikkel.


“The boy from the future stayed and in time he became a man, Mikkel became Michael, who never knew where he belonged.” […] “Everything is connected.”

Mikkel stayed in the 80’s, unable to get back. He married Hannah and had a son that they would name Jonas. Their worlds are connected, in more ways than one. On top of everything, our unnamed stranger made a point of delivering that box to Jonas the date and time instructed by his father on the note. Somehow he is connected to Jonas, the question is how. How? Dammit! How!?

My brain hurts…


Rating: 8.9/10


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